Field Service Management Software

All-in-one field service management software for your entire team and clients. Connect your customers with their ongoing work and give engineers access to the information they need with their own remote access. Clik Remote allows you and your team to access your data from anywhere, improve your business’s profitability and increase your customer retention rate.

Please note: Clik Service is required to use this software.

Clik Remote

[Web-based software] 

Clik Remote is a web-based solution that gives you access to your work from any device. With different login options to choose from, you can customise which team members and customers can view their jobs, quotes and more.

Clik Service is required to use this software.

Access and update client details in the CRM
View and accept or deny quotes
Keep track of jobs, call outs and meetings in the diary
Schedule jobs and assign engineers from anywhere
Track F-gas movement, create systems and view logs
Raise or manage new service incidents
View upcoming site visits for planned maintenance contracts

Integrates with:

Google Maps
Microsoft 365
Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft Outlook


Clik Remote Manager – £350 (One-off upfront)

Clik Remote Engineer, Customer or Sales – £150 (One-off upfront)

Clik Remote Dashboard – £100 (One-off upfront)

Clik Cover – varies depending on number of users and licence type

How Does Our Field Service Management Software Work?

New to field service management software? Not sure how it can help your business? Check out this overview of Clik Remote to get a quick summary of what you can expect from the software.

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Clik Remote Manager

As the manager, you might need to keep track of work when on the road. If you need to check on job progress, assign engineers or submit a quote quickly, Clik Remote Manager is your solution.

With Clik Remote Manager, you have a live connection to your Clik Service database so you can raise new work or monitor targets when you’re away from the office. Access the modules you need, including F-Gas tools, your CRM, custom reports and more.


Clik Remote Engineer

For engineers, a place to view and take action on active job sheets is vital. A physical diary and paper job sheets can be useful, but why not combine everything you need in a web portal you can easily access on any device?

Whether it’s on their laptop, tablet or smartphone, they will be able to quickly make amendments when they need to. Any updates they make can instantly be seen back in the office using Clik Service. This means they can update their job sheets, complete action lists and stay in the loop with all their ongoing work.

Customise To Suit Your Business

What's Available in Each Login

Clik Remote has a number of login options for your engineers, managers and your customers. Here are the different modules and features available in each version of Clik Remote.





Sales Orders
Sales Enquiries
Service Incidents

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Job Sheets
Purchase Orders
Time Sheets
Contracts & Visits
Engineer Schedule

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Access on Any Device

Access on Any Device

Clik Remote is web-based service management software, meaning you can log in from any web browser on any device. Automate and optimise business processes to increase accuracy, streamline operations, and impress customers.

Your Unique Dashboard

Your Unique Dashboard

Every user can access their own customisable dashboard with visual widgets and graphs. Get an instant overview of key metrics, such as new, unassigned and completed jobs, invoicing values, sites with outstanding jobs and more.

Search For What You Need

Search For What You Need

Powerful search bar to find a specific job sheet, piece of equipment and more in seconds. Provide your engineers with the information they need, when they need it, all in one place.

Boost Client Satisfaction

Boost Client Satisfaction

It’s not only your workforce that will benefit from our field service management software. Your customer experience will also see considerable improvements. Enhance customer service and boost client satisfaction with real-time updates and instant access to information on demand.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Access your Clik Service CRM from anywhere so you always have a way to check site addresses or keep your system up-to-date. View job sheet history or check on active quotes and invoices, create call backs and add or edit site equipment.


Clik Remote requires Clik Service to work
Clik Cover is required for all Clik Remote licences to use, sync and receive regular updates
Clik Remote must be installed on a Server/Desktop PC at a fixed location (laptops are not recommended)


Windows IIS 8.5 or higher
We recommend using a Windows Server OS for Clik Remote to avoid degraded performance with multiple users
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 (or higher)
Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 3.0
A fixed IP address
Port forwarding ability on internet router
An internet connection
Requires iOS 10 or above when used on iPhone or iPad
Android devices require a browser supporting ES2015 (v49 of Chrome) or above
Signature capture is supported on devices that support HTML5
Edge, Firefox and Google Chrome are recommended. Internet Explorer is not supported

Clik strongly recommends using an SSL Certificate to ensure safe encryption of any data sent over the internet

Integrate With the Tools You Need

Bring your accounts together in one place with these available integrations:

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Field Service Management Software FAQs

Common Clik Remote Questions

Clik Service is your main system for everything related to your business. Clik Remote works alongside it to allow your team to access what they need when they’re away from the office.

Field service management software helps businesses manage all the resources involved in field service management activities by automating work orders and associated costs and increasing the visibility of ongoing work. Field service management software makes it easy for managers to assign field tasks to engineers and monitor their performance, process job orders, automate scheduling, collect payments, and more.

It can help managers process job orders, automate scheduling and dispatch, keep track of service and repair tasks, manage customer service contracts, get real-time updates, collect payments, and more. Engineers can, in turn, use field service management software to find information about each task, report on their work, and optimise the time and resources allocated for each job.

Not only managers and engineers can benefit from it. Customers can also use field service management software to access site-specific information, create service requests for their assets, view work orders, and monitor their service history.

Clik Remote is a complete field service management solution for staffing, scheduling and managing field jobs, creating estimates and quotes, reporting, and enhancing your customer service.

Clik Jobs and Clik Remote are products that work alongside Clik Service to provide access to your work when you’re out of the office. The main difference between the two is the format and what you can access with them.

Clik Jobs is a mobile app that engineers can download on their iOS or Android devices. You can then send job sheets directly to your team so they can work on them when they’re onsite. With Clik Jobs, you can capture signatures, add materials, labour times and take photos all when offline.

Clik Remote, on the other hand, is a web-based platform with login options for your managers, engineers, customers and sales team. It gives you real-time updates from Clik Service and, depending on which login you use, you can access everything from reports and quotes to job sheets and client details.

Not sure which field solution is best for your business? Have a chat with our team and we’ll help go through which would work for your organisation.

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You can obtain a free SSL Certificate using Let’s Encrypt or Certify The Web. You can also purchase one. This can cost between £20 – £100 a year. If you have any questions about SSL certs, please get in touch with our support team. Clik support does not provide assistance for configuring an SSL Certificate. Consequently, Clik cannot guarantee to provide any support for it. Please speak to your IT support for assistance.


“Customers have more control of their accounts, they can see works completed, those in progress and quotes for new work.”

Managing large numbers of engineers and jobs can be difficult, whilst still giving the best service possible to clients. Simon found a solution to these problems with Clik.