Job Management App

The Clik Jobs job sheet app allows your field staff to access all the necessary information they need to handle every job. Field service engineers can view and edit their job sheets on their mobile and easily see all upcoming work that has been assigned to them in a clear and structured manner.

Work Offline

Work Offline

Download your jobs so you can view and edit your jobs without an internet connection. All data and actions are available in offline mode and synchronised automatically as soon as a network is established.

Capture Signatures

Capture Signatures

Take a digital signature from your client straight onto the job sheet using the designated signature panel. No need for a special type of pen. Just draw the signature with your finger.

Go Paperless

Go Paperless

Embrace paperless job management. Data are stored in the system digitally, minimising the amount of paper used for everyday tasks. Reduce your environmental impact and say goodby to lost paperwork. Trade paper for a mobile digital system and scale up workforce efficiency.

Add Photos

Add Photos

An image is a thousand words, and with Clik Jobs, you can add photos onto the job sheet directly from the customer’s premises. Use them as proof of work, document work in progress, and more.


Never Miss Necessary Work

Connect the field with the office using the Clik Jobs mobile app and streamline job management. Send job sheets to your engineers onsite, so they know what work they have to do without unnecessary trips back to the office. Add mandatory fields to jobs to ensure the engineer completes specific tasks before sending the jobs back to the office.


Clik Jobs requires Clik Service to work
Clik Cover (for Clik Jobs). This is for the use of our cloud servers which the jobs use, plus updates and support


Any iOS device running iOS 7 or higher
Any Android device running 4.3 or higher that is supported by Google Play
Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/5G connection (for syncing jobs)
Internet connection

Integrate With the Tools You Need

Enhance your job management with these available integrations:


“Clik Service and Clik Jobs have made the invoicing process a lot faster.”

Chris traded paper for a digital system to move their company forward. Clik software makes the invoicing process faster and helps provide real-time updates to their customers.