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Straightforward Digital Certificates

Clik Cert is the tool that can help you tackle paperwork for every job that comes your way. Whether you’re installing CCTV systems, conducting risk assessments, testing gas safety or anything in between, it’s important to get your work recorded in the right way.

With Clik Cert, you can remove the headaches of admin and streamline your entire certification process.

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Create and Manage Certificates

Create and Manage Certificates

Access the domestic and commercial certificates you need to effectively undertake any job that comes your way. Store client details and produce professional certificates every time with spellcheck and the option to add your own logo. Create and manage all your industry-standard gas, oil, renewables, catering, fire and security certificates in one central location.

With a wide range of certificates to choose from, including landlord gas safety certificates, catering equipment reports, CCTV service records, fire risk assessments, and more, you can customise Clik Cert with the forms that are relevant to your industry.

Gas, Fire, Catering and Renewables Certification App

Gas, Fire, Catering and Renewables Certification App

Take your work further with the certification apps for iOS and Android. Prepare your gas engineers, catering equipment contractors and fire safety engineers with the certificates and customer details they need to carry out their work with ease. Create, edit and even complete certificates whilst onsite and get them emailed straight to your client there and then.

Clik Cert (Field) allows you to work offline from anywhere, so you can fill out test results, checklists and risk assessments without having to type out the same details at a later time. Get the work done and reduce your time spent on admin.


Clik Cover required for updates, technical support and syncing with field licences


Intel® Core i5/i7/Xeon CPU or equivalent
16GB RAM or higher
Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 (or higher)


Intel® Core i3/i5 CPU or equivalent
8GB RAM or higher
Windows 10 & 11 Pro, Workstation, Enterprise Editions
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 (or higher)

Option of using SQL instead of the default MS Access database

Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition 2016, 2017, 2019, 2022 – (Full version of SQL required for 10+ users, or if database exceeds 10GB).

Integrate With Other Tools

Take your certification to the next level with these available integrations:

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Connect Your Systems With Clik's Shared Database Solution

The shared database solution brings Clik products together. Manage one central CRM between Clik Cert, Clik Service and NICEIC Cert Software so you don’t have to enter data multiple times. Easily view your gas and oil, catering, renewables, electrical or fire and security certificates linked to sites, then print or email them straight to your client from Clik Service.

With the shared database, you can link jobs to your certificates and apply the job number to your forms. This way, everything is linked correctly and documented thoroughly without any additional hassle or administrative processes.

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Clik Cert Certificate Packs

Included for free with Clik Cert.

  • Safe to Work Checklist
  • Health and Safety Risk Assessment Form
  • Danger Do Not Use – Warning Notice | DWN.G22

Pack 1
  • Certificate of Compliance | COC.G22
  • Landlord Gas Safety Certificate | LGS.G22
  • Liquified Petroleum Landlord Gas Safety Certificate | LPLGS.G22
  • Landlord Oil Installation Check | LOI.G22
  • Oil Warning and Advice Notice | OWN.G22
Pack 2
  • Commercial Oil Firing Service Report | COFS.G22
  • Oil Firing Installation Completion Report | OFI.G22
  • Oil Firing Servicing and Commissioning Report | OFS.G22
  • Oil Storage Tank Spillage Fire Risk Assessment | OSRA.G22
Pack 3
  • Gas Breakdown Record | GBR.G22
  • Gas Installation and Safety Record | GISR.G22
  • Gas Service Record | GSR.G22
  • Gas Service Record – Non Domestic | GSR-ND.G22
  • Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinder Commissioning Checklist | MHW.G22
  • TMV Maintenance Record | TMVM.G22
Pack 4
  • Chimney/Flue, Fireplace or Hearth Commissioning Certificate | CFC.G22
  • Central Heating Commissioning Certificate | CHC.G22
  • Existing Chimney or Flue System in Void Safety Check | ECFSC.G22
  • Legionella Risk Assessment | LRA.G22
  • Legionella Risk Assessment – Non Domestic | LRA-ND.G22
Pack 5
  • Gas Testing and Purging Certificate | GTP.G22
  • Gas Testing and Purging Certificate – Non Domestic | GTP-ND.G22
  • Air Source Heat Pump Service Check | HPSC.G22
  • Solid Fuel Commissioning Sheet | SFC.G22
  • Unvented DHW Cylinder Maintenance Schedule | UDHW.G22


Not sure what certificate packs are? Check out our certificate pack blog post for full details.

Pack 1
  • Fire Alarm and Detection Service and Maintenance Certificate | FADSM.F22
  • Fire Alarm Evacuation, Refuge and Detection Service and Maintenance Certificate | FERDSM.F22
  • Fire Alarm and Detection Commissioning Certificate | FADC.F22
  • Fire Alarm and Detection Installation Certificate | FADI.F22
  • Fire Alarm and Detection Design Certificate | FADD.F22
  • Fire Alarm and Detection Preventative Maintenance Certificate | FADPM.F22
Pack 2
  • Fire Extinguishers Service and Maintenance Certificate | FESM.F22
  • Emergency Lighting Inspection Certificate | ELIC.F22
  • Access Control Installation Certificate | ACIC.F22
  • Access Control Service and Maintenance Certificate | ACSM.F22
  • CCTV Installation Certificate | CCIC.F22
  • CCTV Service and Maintenance Certificate | CCSM.F22
Pack 3
  • Fire Door Installation Certificate | FDIC.F22
  • Fire Door Service and Maintenance Certificate | FDSM.F22
  • Door Entry Installation Certificate | DEIC.F22
  • Door Entry Service and Maintenance Certificate | DESM.F22
  • Intruder Alarm Installation Certificate | IAIC.F22
  • Intruder Alarm Service and Maintenance Certificate | IASM.F22


Not sure what certificate packs are? Check out our certificate pack blog post for full details.

Pack 1
  • Catering Appliances Gas Safety Inspection | CAGSI.C22
  • Commercial Catering Inspection Record – Non Domestic | CCI-ND.C22
  • Commercial Catering Inspection Record | CCI.C22
  • Mobile Catering Vehicle/Trailer Safety Record | MSR.C22
  • Equipment Decommissioning Report | EDR.C22


Not sure what certificate packs are? Check out our certificate pack blog post for full details.

Pack 1
  • Biomass Compliance Certificate | BMCC.R24
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installation Certificate (Single Circuit) | EVCP.R24
  • Home Installation Energy Efficiency Checklist | HIEE.R24
  • Heat Pump Compliance Certificate | HPCC.R24
  • SSEG Installation Commissioning Confirmation Certificate | SICC.R24
Pack 2
  • Solar PV System Inspection Report | SPSI.R24
  • Solar PV Array Test Report | SPVA.R24
  • Solar PV Installation Checklist | SPVC.R24
  • Solar Thermal Panel Maintenance | STPM.R24
  • Small Wind Turbine Check Certificate | SWTC.R24

Not sure what certificate packs are? Check out our certificate pack blog post for full details.

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