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Software for fire and security

Clik can help you manage your jobs, compliance, invoicing and reporting all in one place.

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Why do fire and security engineers use Clik?

Whether it’s the design, installation, service, or maintenance of fire, safety and security systems, your work is critical. Our software provides you with everything you need for the attention to detail and dedication to customer service your industry depends on.
Service Management Software

The best software for fire and security engineers

Clik Remote is web-based, field service management software for your managers, your engineers, your sales team and your customers. You can log on via any web browser so that you can keep track of all your work. Your engineers can stay on top of their jobs; your sales team can create quotes and invoices, customers can keep track of the progress of their jobs and managers see an overview of everything.
Job Management Software

Why should you choose Clik software?

If you're looking to streamline your job management process off and online, we can help you:

• Build specific fire and security templates

• Deliver risk assessments 

• Set up powerful reporting 

• Manage your equipment on each site 

• Tailor specific equipment and job user fields for your industry

• Set up and automate your reoccurring fire and security equipment maintenance schedules

We also know you don’t work 9-5 and provide access to our expert support team 24/7

How does our field service management software work?

What do security and fire engineers say about Clik?

''We have been using Clik Service Since 2009 and in that time we have used only a 1/4 of what the functionality that this software can offer. As the years go on, we are learning and using Clik so much more and this is helping our business grow. It's easy to use, logical and simple. We just love it. We are now starting to look at other modules Clik Remote Engineer, Customer, & Manager. We find the Clik Team helpful, knowledgeable and an awesome bunch really :) ''

- KERRINA SPENCER, Black & White Fire Safety

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