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Software for catering

Clik software will help you get an edge on the rest by being more efficient, more effective, and delivering a better customer experience every time.

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Why do catering equipment companies use Clik?

Catering equipment companies were an early adopter of Clik following our origins in refrigeration, and many features of our software are born out of this industry. We're constantly evolving to support developments within the industry, introducing new technologies regularly like links to Caterquotes, which is due to become one of our latest service offerings.
Service Management Software

The best software for catering equipment maintenance engineers

Whether you specialise in the installation and servicing of cookers, coffee machines, cold beverage dispensers, refrigeration or ice cream machines, our catering equipment maintenance software can make job scheduling a much quicker and simpler process.
Job Management Software

Why should you choose Clik software?

If you're looking to streamline your job management process off and online, we can help you:

• Set up your reoccurring maintenance schedules 

• Create industry specific service sheets

• Import your existing catering equipment via csv

• Add equipment specific fields 

• Streamline your job process

We also know you don’t work 9-5 and provide access to our expert support team 24/7

Life is messy, simplify it with Clik remote. How it works:

What do catering companies say about Clik?

"We needed to move away from the old paper system and find a solution that was instant from office to engineer to customer.”

- Brian French, Director at FME Services UK

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