Why Double Glazing and Windows Companies Choose Clik

Why Double Glazing and Windows Companies Choose Clik

For window fitters and double-glazing installers, Clik can offer a range of products that specially cater to the needs of any job that comes your way. It offers unique benefits and features that streamline job management and make your scheduling more efficient.

Clik’s job management software enables double-glazing industry specialists to oversee projects, monitor progress and allocate resources efficiently. It also offers tools for generating quotes, managing inventory and streamlining the entire process for increased organisation and efficiency. Overall, Clik can save your team time, reduce errors and heighten customer satisfaction.

Organising Installation Process and Maintenance with Clik

Organising Installation Process and Maintenance with Clik

Clik’s scalable nature caters to glazier teams of varying sizes through flexible licensing options, allowing easy user adjustments for optimal support of both small and large teams. With robust features including client details storage, seamless communication options and equipment management modules, you can ensure projects run smoothly.

With field service management software, you can streamline operations by scheduling planned maintenance, as well as proactively resolve issues and minimise downtime. Job management software for double glazing ensures punctual completion of installation and maintenance tasks with diary features.

Enhancing Team Connectivity for Greater Collaboration

Clik offers various remote working features such as screen sharing, file sharing and video conferencing. These features allow windows teams to collaborate effectively by enabling real-time communication, sharing of ideas and seamless collaboration on projects, regardless of their physical location.

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What Sets Clik Apart?

Explore the key benefits of Clik to facilitate the growth of your business and streamline paperwork:

Store key client details in the CRM
Manage equipment and assets
Schedule planned maintenance work
Keep track of appointments in the diary

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