Why Water Management Engineers Choose Clik

Why Water Management Engineers Choose Clik

Every filtration service and environmental assessment requires the right paperwork to document the process and provide your clients with a record of the work carried out. For many water management and wastewater treatment businesses, Clik software provides the all-in-one solution to take care of jobs, invoices, documents, contracts and much more.

With Clik software, you can efficiently carry out refurbishment, cleaning, disinfection and much more without having to worry about the paperwork.

The Complete Management Solution for Water Treatment Services

The Complete Management Solution for Water Treatment Services

Service management software works with water treatment and hygiene businesses to organise ongoing work, schedule upcoming projects and report on historical data.

For legionella control testing work, you can utilise Clik Cert to make it easy to create and manage all your risk assessments. Use one central database across both Clik Cert and Clik Service to keep work consistent and accurate. Link job sheets with certificates and easily export or send your completed work in just a few clicks.

Certification Software for Risk Assessments and Bespoke Work

With Clik Cert, you can fill out and store all your legionella risk assessments onsite and in the office. Get custom forms created for your business or alter existing ones with your company branding or design.

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Discover the Benefits of Clik

Clik software makes it easy to take control of your work, wherever you are. We can help you:

Complete risk assessments
Track equipment and stock
Manage customer contracts and visit schedules
Raise and track service level agreements

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