Why Waste Management and Collection Companies Use Clik

Why Waste Management and Collection Companies Use Clik

Whether you provide hazardous waste management, commercial waste storing and collecting or anything in between, Clik can help streamline operations, improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

Relying heavily on paperwork can limit your business and slow response times down. Using Clik’s job management suite eliminates those barriers and gives your business room to grow. Save time on long manual processes by scheduling ahead and automating tasks. Customise the software to suit the way you work and take the headaches out of admin.

The Definitive Management Solution for Recycling and Waste Services

The Definitive Management Solution for Recycling and Waste Services

Service management software and apps can bring a multitude of benefits to recycling companies. Not only can it take care of stock and equipment management, but it can also bring your invoicing and jobs together in one central location. This means your team can easily access everything they need to respond to requests promptly.

Raise incidents and log communications with your new clients to document every step of the process. Stay in control and view historical data so you and your team are prepared for every planned job and every site visit. With everything linked, you can instantly raise a quote for the work and send it to your client in a few clicks.

Reduce Paperwork With Clik Software

Clik Remote is a web-based solution that keeps you connected to your team in the office when you’re out onsite. It streamlines your workflow and simplifies your operations, making it an excellent solution to managing your waste management business from anywhere.

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Unveil the Perks of Choosing Clik

With Clik’s range of management software, you can equip your team with the tools needed to efficiently perform jobs and document their processes along the way. By choosing Clik, you can:

Run comprehensive reports to identify trends and targets
Document and organise equipment installed on client sites
Assign engineers to jobs in advance or for emergency call outs
Give your customers access to their work with Clik Remote Customer

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