Why Do Telecommunication Engineers Choose Clik?

Why Do Telecommunication Engineers Choose Clik?

For every job – whether that is commercial or residential – it is important to record completed work and manage paperwork efficiently. No one wants a messy office or lost job sheets. With the right software in place, you can centralise all your customer details, invoices, job sheets and more in one place.

If you’re onsite a lot of the time, sometimes it can be hard to keep track of all your new jobs. With Clik, you can ensure you are in the loop with your assigned jobs, wherever you are. With job sheet apps, you can work in the most remote places and still get equipment logged and job details completed on your device. Then send it back to the office when convenient and keep everything organised in the central office program.

Your Number One Choice for Network and Telecommunication Service Needs

Your Number One Choice for Network and Telecommunication Service Needs

With Clik, you have everything you need to take control of your paperwork. With both office and onsite options, as well as online and office, you and your team have total control over every step of the job process. No matter what services you provide, whether it’s fixed public networks, private networks, mobile services, infrastructure services or a mix of everything, make sure you are ready for anything.

Keep track of equipment required to complete each job and carry out stock takes digitally to improve efficiency. No more time wasted physically counting your assets and performing long-winded admin tasks. Produce quotes for prospective clients quickly and provide a professional and orderly service for your customers to keep them coming back.

Field Management Software for Telecoms Service Providers

For contractors onsite, Clik Remote can be the perfect tool to accompany every job and site visit. Remove the need for physical paperwork that can easily get lost or damaged. Keep track of assigned work, get sent job sheets from the office and make work digital.

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Clik: The Ultimate Business Management Solution

Clik software simplifies the process of job management by connecting your teams and customers. We are here to assist you:

Track the progress of required tasks
Manage your clients and site addresses in the CRM
Automatically create new job sheets for recurring work
Instantly produce accurate quotes

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