Why Social Housing Maintenance Specialists Choose Clik

Why Social Housing Maintenance Specialists Choose Clik

Clik offers many benefits and features for social housing maintenance managers. It has an asset management system that helps managers track and maintain their upcoming work. With tools to automate and customise processes, it caters to the needs of teams managing their workload.

Clik’s social housing management software offers powerful reporting and analytics tools to help you make informed decisions. You can analyse job performance, maintenance costs and other key data. This will help you streamline processes and improve service delivery, as well as make your approach more efficient and customer-focused.

Organising Maintenance and Tenant Requests With Clik

Organising Maintenance and Tenant Requests With Clik

Prepare for your next tasks ahead of time, whether it involves shared and individual houses or high-rise flats in a bustling city. Use Clik’s social housing management software to organise maintenance requests. The software provides a centralised platform to log, track and assign incidents. This streamlined process helps you allocate resources, schedule repairs and quickly respond to client needs.

The advantages of using Clik in the social housing industry include improved efficiency and productivity, reduced response times, enhanced transparency and better tenant satisfaction. It streamlines the entire process, ensuring that requests are addressed promptly and effectively, leading to a more effective maintenance management system.

Enhancing Teamwork Both In-Office and Onsite

Clik allows engineers to work remotely by providing access to data, documents and task management tools. This helps social and council housing teams collaborate by allowing everyone to access and update information from anywhere. Social housing job management software helps improve collaboration, efficiently track tasks and improve productivity.

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Top Reasons to Choose Clik in the Social Housing Industry

Clik can revolutionise your social housing repair and maintenance business with these essential benefits:

Raise and quickly respond to reactive maintenance jobs
Schedule and plan for annual site visits
Organise clients and sites in one place
Set up automatic reminders so you never miss important dates

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