Why Clik Stands Out to Property Maintenance Professionals

Why Clik Stands Out to Property Maintenance Professionals

Painters, decorators, carpenters and plumbers all benefit from Clik’s digital management tools. With so much competition in your industry, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Clik helps you stay ahead of the curve by collating everything you need in one central location. Say goodbye to overflowing filing cabinets and lost paperwork.

Take customer service to the next level with intuitive features and automated functions. Keep your clients in the loop without long email threads and make sure your engineers are prepared with field service software. They can log onto their own web portal to view the progress of their work, accept new quotes and more. Customise their access so they only see the data important to them.

Your Solution for Property Maintenance Management Needs

Your Solution for Property Maintenance Management Needs

No matter what kinds of jobs you’ve got scheduled for your week, stay on top of the work with the right service management software for your business. With property maintenance management software and apps, you and your team are equipped with the tool required to get to jobs on time and deliver the best possible service for your clients.

Clik offers different onsite and in-office solutions to cater for your personal management style. With a scalable solution, you’ll be able to grow your business and reduce costs along the way. Refine your accounting processes and never miss another payment.

Taking Job Management to Site

Wherever your work takes you, you can depend on field management software to simplify the paperwork. Clik Remote gives your managers, customers, engineers and sales team access to what they need and where they need it.

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Why Should Your Business Work With Clik?

If you’re looking for a way to bring your entire business together, look no further than service management software. Clik software can help you:

Fill out and manage electrical certificates
Easily view upcoming site visits in the diary
Raise and track contracts for ongoing work
Export the data you need for custom reports

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