Why Do Swimming Pool Contractors Choose Clik?

Why Do Swimming Pool Contractors Choose Clik?

With Clik, your swimming pool company has everything needed to set up jobs and manage your workload. Clik’s management suite for pool and spa services comes packed with tools specifically tailored to engineers and contracts in the field service industries.

With customisable fields and flexible tools, Clik software helps your business provide a unique and professional experience for every customer. Whether that’s building bespoke, personal pools for leisure and fitness or commercial pools for hotels and businesses, we’ll be there to give a helping hand with the paperwork so your team can focus on the real work.

The Professional's Choice for Pool Maintenance Software

The Professional's Choice for Pool Maintenance Software

From the design and build stages all through the service and maintenance, Clik software helps swimming pool and spa businesses every step of the way. Set up contracts for your ongoing customers and schedule regular site visits. Automatically raise new job sheets for each visit so you can easily assign the engineer and send the documentation over to them on their phone or tablet.

Manage your installed assets and equipment at each site, whether that is a pool or spa heater, pumps or filters. Store documents and notes and ensure you and your team are prepared for every job. Plan ahead and organise efficiently to bring in more customers and stay on top of admin, without the headaches.

Revolutionising Field Management in the Pool and Spa Sector

When you’re out in the field so much of the day, you need your field management software to adapt. With Clik Remote, you can manage your business from a web browser and your engineers can edit and fill out their job sheets on their mobile devices.

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Why Clik? Here’s What You Need to Know

Whether you’re in the office or onsite, manage your entire business with Clik. We can help you:

Set up regular site visits for annual service and maintenance
Organise your clients, suppliers and sites in the CRM
Log installed units and assets at each site
View upcoming service reminders in the diary

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