Why Do Electricians Choose Clik?

Why Do Electricians Choose Clik?

Whether you solely provide electrical equipment testing or you offer a range of electrical services, make sure you are prepared for every job that comes your way. Give your clients peace of mind and produce the right paperwork to report on all tests you carry out.

Clik software helps make equipment testing straightforward for both you and your clients. Keep records of work carried out and provide your customers with everything they need once the testing has been completed. Clik provides peace of mind and proof of compliance for regulators, insurers, customers and staff.

Comprehensive Software for Electrical PAT/EET Testers

Comprehensive Software for Electrical PAT/EET Testers

With the NICIEC Cert Software, electricians can create, fill in and complete portable appliance testing certificates in the office. Add client details in a few clicks, make note of tests, import equipment and print or email to your client without multiple programs or tabs.

Send certificates to your electricians out in the field with the Clik Cert Electrical apps for iOS and Android. Fill out the appliance details, capture your signature and add any necessary additional work required. Once finished, apply a cert number and complete it there and then (with Cloud Numbering) and email the finished work to the client immediately. This way, your customer has all the appliance inventory, a record of failed items and a full list of test results without having to wait for you to return to the office.

Leading Certification Software for PAT Testing Professionals

Alongside a broad collection of official NICEIC certificates, Clik’s NICEIC Cert Software also has free PAT certificates for you to fill out and complete. Check out what the software can do.

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Why Clik Stands Out For Electrical Certification

Whether you’re in the office or onsite, it’s easy to complete your work and manage your certificates with Clik. We can help you:

Fill out unlimited, free PAT certificates
Manage customers and site addresses
Create and apply certificate templates to speed up repeat work
Capture digital signatures in the office or onsite

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