Why Do Office Equipment Services Choose Clik?

Why Do Office Equipment Services Choose Clik?

From suppliers to repair services, no matter what kind of work you carry out, organisation is key. Make sure you are in the loop with relevant work, send updates to your clients easily and run reports to track your business progress.

Whether you’re sending quotes to your customers or planning routes to your next job, every step can be long-winded without the right tools. Clik takes the headaches out of job management and gives you the tools needed to produce professional documents every time. Link everything together and automatically pull across useful details without typing them out over and over.

Job Software for Efficient Office Equipment Management

Job Software for Efficient Office Equipment Management

Physical paperwork trails can become messy very quickly. Having to manually transfer work from your engineers to the office takes up valuable time and can delay the whole process. It might only be a few hours or minutes lost at a time, but that easily adds up to days, weeks or possibly months lost.

With service management software, that time is saved and can be used for more productive tasks. Fit in more jobs, grow your business and master the work-life balance. Be rest assured that you won’t run out of stock with effective asset management. Make sure you always have the necessary information needed to carry out high-quality customer service every time.

Access to What You Need, When You Need it

Clik Remote is a web-based service management system that gives your whole business access to everything they need. Engineers can log on when onsite to update their job sheets. Customers can view and approve their quotes. Managers have a whole overview of their business when away from the office.

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Why Clik is the Best for Your Business

For equipment management, quoting and everything in between, service management software can streamline it all. Clik software can help you:

Fill out and complete electrical certificates
Easily view upcoming site visits in the diary
Raise and track contracts for ongoing work
Store equipment details and run stock takes

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