Why Do Fencing Contractors Choose Clik?

Why Do Fencing Contractors Choose Clik?

Turning to a digital system for service management introduces a multitude of benefits for fence businesses. Not only can it tackle the long-winded processes involved with scheduling and planning planned work, but it can also provide accurate job costing and invoicing.

Clik’s all-in-one program can give peace of mind that everything is taken care of, even when demand increases and engineer time is limited. Optimise your schedules and maximise your engineers’ productivity with software that works together. Wherever work takes you, you have access to what you need.

Improved Organisation for Fencing and Construction Services

Improved Organisation for Fencing and Construction Services

With the Clik suite of service management software, fencing businesses can bring their work together in a digital environment, without the need for physical paperwork or spreadsheets. Don’t get tied down with manual processes and reduce the risk of losing important information.

With the right tools, you and your team can track job progress, raise ongoing contracts and organise your client database in one central location. So, whether you’re installing industrial fencing, repairing residential fencing or anything in between, you can confidently manage every job that comes your way.

Straightforward Management From Anywhere

When working onsite, you can stay connected to your team with Clik Remote. With a live connection to your main database, you’ll be able to fill out job sheets, assign engineers and stay in the loop even when you’re away from the office.

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The Benefits of Choosing Clik for Service Management

Service management software can streamline everything from quote to invoice. With Clik software, you’ll be able to:

Schedule engineers and track their progress
Analyse reports and identify areas for improvement
Customise features and tools to work for your business
Integrate with Xero, Sage or QuickBooks for seamless accounting

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