Why Clik is the Choice for Facilities Management

Why Clik is the Choice for Facilities Management

We provide a multi-sided facilities management solution for a multi-sided industry. Clik software will help you with asset tracking and inventory management, reducing space and maintenance costs. Facilities management companies like the flexibility of Clik to manage all areas of their trade and grow their business in the process.

Clik field service management software allows your facility maintenance business to easily manage and report on your planned preventive maintenance performance and provide customers with a complete contract overview. Instantly raise job sheets for scheduled site visits, without having to type out the same information each time.

The Best Facility Management System

The Best Facility Management System

Any organisation’s facilities, be it retail space, restaurant or office building, are essential for smooth operations and set good impressions on visitors and clients. Therefore, it’s vital to provide the best possible service for every type of job that comes your way.

With Clik field service management software your engineers can stay on top of their jobs from anywhere. Your sales team can create quotes and invoices and promptly take action when payments are overdue. Customers can also keep track of the progress of their jobs and respond to quotes from their own portal. Keep everyone connected and stay on top of your workload onsite and in the office.

How Does Our Field Service Management Software Work?

Clik Remote revolutionises field service management for the facilities management sector, offering a dynamic web-based solution that ensures your team stays connected and productive, even when they’re out in the field. Empower your entire team and customers with the ability to efficiently handle jobs, invoices, quotes and more, anytime, anywhere.

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Why Clik Stands Out in Field Service Management

Optimise your facilities management operations with our field service management software. Meeting the dynamic needs of facilities management companies, our solution empowers you to efficiently organise and streamline job processes. Experience the ease of managing your workload more effectively and achieving operational excellence with our comprehensive range of software, which can help you:

Manage different types of work and go paperless
Create bespoke templates for each type of work you carry out
Store client details and site information in one central CRM
Streamline your job process

Enhancing Your Business Efficiency With Clik Software