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Why Do Electricians Use Clik?

We have over 20 years’ experience developing software for electrical contractors. Whether you’re an established provider, or you’re just starting out, we give you everything you need to run your business and manage your electrical certificates in our official NICEIC certification software.

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The Best Software For Electrical Contractors

Whether it’s small works or large projects, we can help you and your team manage everything in one place, so you can get more done and save time. Our software can also help you communicate with and send jobs straight to your engineers which will help improve performance and customer service. This allows you and your team to generate more repeat business and, in turn, increase your profitability.

Simplify Electrical Certification

Manage your electrical certificates with NICEIC Cert Software. Here’s a quick introduction to our electrical certificate software:

Why Should You Choose Clik?

If you’re looking to streamline your job management and certification processes off and online, we can help you:

• Produce official NICEIC certificates
• Quote jobs from start through to invoice
• Create templates to quickly fill out repeat work
• Create electrical service sheets
• Manage all your certificates in one location
• Import parts from online catalogues

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What do electrical companies say about Clik?

“Clik is a friendly, professional, young, vibrant and innovative company. They listen to their clients and take on board suggestions to improve. Everyone I’ve spoken to has been enthusiastic and helpful. I think we’ll be sticking with Clik for the foreseeable future.”


What do electrical companies say about Clik?

“Using Clik Service has made me more productive, more efficient and more organised. If I were operating at this level still using my old whiteboard system, I wouldn’t know if I was coming or going. Clik makes it easy for me to see what stage each job is at, which engineers are working where and what tenders/quotes I need to complete.”


What do electrical companies say about Clik?

“We use this software and field licenses for our engineers, it’s user friendly and cuts out most of the manual inputting on certification that used to take up a lot of my time. We haven’t had many issues, but the technical help team have been great whenever we have. We would definitely highly recommend this software, and the Clik team who also look after our CRM system.”