Why Do Building Maintenance Engineers Use Clik?

Why Do Building Maintenance Engineers Use Clik?

The flexibility to manage small works to large projects, the latest technology to ensure that jobs are done efficiently and on time and the ability to quickly add SOR items are just a few of the reasons building maintenance companies choose Clik.

The Best Software for Building Maintenance Engineers

The Best Software for Building Maintenance Engineers

Our experience in interior and exterior building and maintenance means we understand that no single package fits all. We know that you need to be able to react to a range of jobs, from needing to be at a client’s doorstep within half an hour ready to carry out an urgent repair, to planning longer schemes of whole building maintenance works.

What do building maintenance engineers say about Clik?

“The process from enquiry through to job completion is now much slicker, which has reduced our costs and gives a more professional impression to our clients. Clik has given us quicker response times and reduced our paperwork. It’s also helped us have a closer relationship with customers.”


Building Maintenance Management Software

Take a look at how our field service management software, Clik Remote, works.

Why Should You Choose Clik?

If you’re looking to streamline your job management process off and online, we can help you:

Create reactive jobs, planned maintenance and larger project based work
Grow your small reactive works to larger projects
Add industry specific fields
Add SOR items straight to jobs via the products database

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