engineer repairing outdoor air conditioning

Why Do HVAC Engineers Use Clik?

Clik was founded in HVAC, so we understand it and have worked alongside the largest AC companies in the world such as Daikin and Mitsubishi. The industry-specific software and modules such as AC Calc and F-Gas mean it’s central to their operation.

technician repairing ceiling air conditioning unit

The Complete Solution For HVAC Companies

Bring your customers, engineers and sales team together wherever they are. We can help you and your team manage everything in one place, so you can get more done and save time. Our software can also help you communicate with and send jobs straight to your engineers to improve performance and customer service so you can generate more repeat business and increase your profitability.

Software For Heating and Air Conditioning Businesses

Simplify your heating, ventilation and air conditioning job management with Clik Remote. Here’s how it works:

Why Should You Choose Clik?

If you’re looking to streamline your job management process off and online, we can help you:

• Automate your recurring equipment maintenance
• Calculate heat loss and gains with AC design software
• F-Gas functionality

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