Catering equipment companies were early adopters of Clik following our origins in refrigeration, and many features of our software are born out of this industry. We’re constantly evolving to support developments within the industry, introducing new technologies regularly.

Facilities Management

Facilities management is a multi-sided industry that requires a multi-sided solution. With solutions to cater for the office staff and the engineers onsite, service management software can provide the tools needed to adapt to such a diverse and ever-changing industry.


With ever increasing lift and elevator manufacturing and advances in lift and elevator technology, there is a growing demand for cutting edge maintenance services. Field service management software provides you with everything you need to deliver attention to detail and dedication to customer service, keeping you ahead of the curve.


Whether you’re an established provider or you’re just starting out in the electrical industry, it can be difficult to keep up with the work. Utilising electrical certification software and job management software will give you everything you need to run your business.


Service management software can help plumbing and heating businesses manage all their jobs, clients and sites. Centralise your data and equip your plumbers with apps so they can accurately carry out their work onsite. Fill out and complete gas safety certificates with certification software and apps to streamline every stage of your business.

Air Conditioning

There are a few reasons why air conditioning businesses can benefit from software. Whether it’s air conditioning design software or job management software, the tools help AC engineers to work onsite and document everything they need digitally, without the need for physical paperwork.


Generator and UPS companies can effectively manage their assets installed on each site with service management software. Incorporate industry-specific user fields and automated maintenance work to make every step in a job journey straightforward.

Building Services

Building maintenance is such a vast industry, it needs software that will keep up with its demand. Service management software gives maintenance engineers the tools they need to record all the details, equipment and site information about every job that comes their way.

Fire and Security

Whether it’s the design, installation, service or maintenance of fire, safety and security systems, your work is critical. Make sure you have everything you need for the attention to detail and dedication to customer service your industry depends on.

Make Managing Your Jobs Easier

Are you losing track of multiple jobs and don’t know what’s due, overdue or who’s working where next?

We can help you and your team track every job from quote to invoice and be more productive no matter where you are.

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Broad Range of Features to Help Manage Every Step in Your Business

Whether you're an electrical contractor, lift engineer or roofing expert, these feature can help you manage your workload effectively.