Schedule Engineers

Assign the right jobs to the right engineer at the right time and plan your work from a desktop in the office or a mobile device while in the field. Easily schedule individual engineers or teams from a single dashboard and instantly inform your team of schedule changes.

Create Job Sheets

Add all necessary details to your jobs, including checklists and signatures, assigned engineers, and provide all relevant information to your staff regarding each job. Both you and your field engineers can access and add information to electronic job sheets anytime, anywhere.

Track Stock and Equipment

Track and manage your stock and equipment with our inventory management system and onsite asset tracking and ensure that critical resources are used appropriately. Easily assign items to jobs, monitor stock levels and run a stocktake from wherever you are.

Produce Reports

Create bespoke reports that give you the latest stats on jobs and financials and access them 24/7 regardless of your device or location. Discover trends, gain invaluable insights into each area of your business, and improve operational performance.

Manage Invoicing

With professional invoicing templates and tasks pulled through automatically from your job sheets, you can send invoices to your customers from anywhere with the click of a button. Store every document and track sales from quotes, invoices and everything in-between.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Keep all the details and communications with your customers in one place and track sales pipelines. Keep clients informed and enhance customer service with appointment reminders, overdue invoice notices, and job completion notifications.

Go Paperless

Embrace paperless job management. Data are stored in the system digitally, minimising the amount of paper used for everyday tasks. Reduce your environmental impact and say goodby to lost paperwork. Trade paper for a mobile digital system and scale up workforce efficiency.

How Does Our Job Management Software Work?

Clik Service is your central job management database for your team in the office to schedule engineers, raise quotes and take control of business admin. Streamline paperwork processes and give your customers the best possible service. Enhance your engineers’ productivity and be prepared for every service job that comes your way.

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What do businesses say about Clik?

“Using Clik Service has made me more productive, more efficient and more organised. If I were operating at this level still using my old whiteboard system, I wouldn’t know if I was coming or going. Clik makes it easy for me to see what stage each job is at, which engineers are working where and what tenders/quotes I need to complete.”


What do businesses say about Clik?

“I can’t imagine working life without Clik Service and Clik Jobs. They’ve made managing the office 100% better and far more efficient. Instead of using manual timesheets and working out hours, travel, mileage, and materials – a real headache – the guys enter the details into Clik Jobs on their tablets. Then the info’s sent through to me, and that information is at hand within seconds. Clik has made purchasing stock, invoicing, credit control as well as job, staff and vehicle management a lot, lot easier.”


What do businesses say about Clik?

“The Clik products we’re using have made the job to invoice process significantly faster. That, as well as improving our efficiency are the main benefits for us.”


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