Why is Clik's Field Service Management Software Right for Your Business?

Why is Clik's Field Service Management Software Right for Your Business?

Field service management software gives your field service business the tools needed to manage your resources, jobs, invoices and more. With automated tools, work orders can be streamlined, increasing the visibility of ongoing work for the whole team. It makes it straightforward for your supervisors and managers to assign tasks, schedule engineers and monitor the performance of the entire business.

It can also help you keep track of service and repair tasks, manage customer service contracts, get real-time updates, create bespoke reports and focus on the information you require to manage and improve your company effectively. Engineers can then use field service management software to access the information they need about each task and document their work as they go.

Clik Service is a complete all-in-one solution for staffing, scheduling and managing every job that comes your way. Enhance your customer service by tracking trends, creating accurate estimates and quickly sending bespoke quotes.

Job Management Wherever You Are

Job Management Wherever You Are

Clik Jobs is a mobile job management app that allows your field staff to access all the necessary information they need to handle every job. Engineers can view and edit their job sheets on their mobile and easily see all upcoming work that has been assigned to them in a clear and structured manner.

Your field engineers can download their assigned jobs so they can view and edit them without an internet connection when on-site. All data and actions are available in offline mode and get synchronised automatically as soon as a network is established.

Clik Jobs allows your engineers to quickly and easily create job sheets as new projects come in. Simply select your client, and all of their relevant information is pulled through, such as standard rates and job locations. You can add any additional notes related to the job, attach new or existing invoices, add actions lists, and assign required equipment.

Connect your mobile workforce to the office and go paperless with Clik Jobs!

Prioritise Customer Experience And Boost Client Satisfaction

Prioritise Customer Experience And Boost Client Satisfaction

It’s not just your internal team that can benefit from our field service management software. Your customer experience will also see considerable improvements. Give your clients access to the details they need when they need it with Clik Remote Customer. Users can see site-specific information and raise incidents for their location all through their own portal.

The customer portal within Clik Remote provides your customers with a centralised location to view quotes, past and pending jobs, invoices, assets and other important information. They can customise their dashboard with a range of different widgets, and you will control how much information they can see. The portal pulls through live data to provide clients with an up to date view.

A client can raise a service incident through their portal that could be a new job or task. Your team will receive a notification and then move this into a job sheet, create a quote and send the job instantly to an engineer. The customer can then approve the quote, and the work can be carried out immediately.

Enhance customer service and boost client satisfaction with real-time updates and instant access to information on demand!

How Does Clik Field Service Management Software Work?

Clik Remote helps you connect your customers with their ongoing work and give your field engineers access to the information they need with their own remote access.

Clik Remote allows you and your team to access your data from anywhere, improve your business’s profitability, save you money and time, and increase your customer retention rate.

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Schedule Engineers

Assign the right jobs to the right engineer at the right time and plan your work from a desktop in the office or a mobile device while in the field. Easily schedule individual engineers or teams from a single dashboard and instantly inform your team of schedule changes.

Access On Any Device

With a range or products, there is always a solution to suit your business set up. Give your engineers offline access with job sheet apps and manage your workload from anywhere with web-based platforms.

Create Job Sheets

Add all necessary details to your jobs, including checklists and signatures, assigned engineers, and provide all relevant information to your staff regarding each job. Both you and your field engineers can access and add information to electronic job sheets anytime, anywhere.

Track Stock and Equipment

Track and manage your stock and equipment with our inventory management system and onsite asset tracking and ensure that critical resources are used appropriately. Easily assign items to jobs, monitor stock levels and run a stocktake from wherever you are.

Produce Reports

Set up custom reports to access the data important to your business. With visual graphs and charts, check on jobs and financials and gain invaluable insights into each area of your business.

Manage Invoicing

With professional invoicing templates and tasks pulled through automatically from your job sheets, you can send invoices to your customers from anywhere with the click of a button. Store every document and track sales from quotes, invoices and everything in-between.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage client details and keep records of communications with your customers in one place. Sync customer addresses to your engineers in the field and link all work to easily find what you need.

Capture Signatures and Photos

Take a digital signature from your client straight onto the job sheet using job sheet apps.

Add images to your jobs to track progress and document work completed.

Go Paperless

Embrace paperless job management and say goodbye to lost paperwork. All your data is stored in the system digitally, minimising the amount of paper used for everyday tasks. Trade paper for a mobile digital system and improve productivity.

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