How Does Clik Field Service Management Software Work?

Clik Service is your central hub for all things related to your business. 

Discover how our comprehensive features empower your team to streamline workflows, enhance overall efficiency and improve client satisfaction. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Clik Service has customisable features and tools that can adapt to your unique needs, ensuring that you stay ahead in the fast-paced world of field services. 

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Produce Reports

Set up custom reports to access the data important to your business. With visual graphs and charts, check on jobs and financials and gain invaluable insights into each area of your business.

Manage Invoicing

With professional invoicing templates and tasks pulled through automatically from your job sheets, you can send invoices to your customers from anywhere with the click of a button. Store every document and track sales from quotes, invoices and everything in-between.

Go Paperless

Embrace paperless job management and say goodbye to lost paperwork. All your data is stored in the system digitally, minimising the amount of paper used for everyday tasks. Trade paper for a mobile digital system and improve productivity.

Why is Clik's Field Service Management Software Right for Your Business?

Field service management software gives your field service business the tools needed to manage your resources, jobs, invoices and more.

Here are some of the most important benefits of using Clik:

For engineers

For engineers

  • Accessing information about each task
  • Documenting work in real-time
  • Utilising field service management software for streamlined operations

For businesses

For businesses

  • Managing resources, jobs and invoices
  • Monitoring the performance of the entire business
  • Managing customer service contracts

Job Management Wherever You Are

Job Management Wherever You Are

Our mobile job management app, Clik Jobs, empowers field staff with convenient access to essential job information. Engineers can efficiently view and edit job sheets on their mobile devices, ensuring a clear and structured overview of upcoming assignments. The app supports offline functionality, allowing engineers to work on assigned jobs without an internet connection.

Clik Jobs streamlines the creation of job sheets, pulling relevant client information and facilitating easy addition of notes, invoices, action lists and equipment assignments. Seamlessly connecting the mobile workforce to the office, Clik Jobs promotes paperless operations of field service management software in the UK.

Prioritise Customer Experience And Boost Client Satisfaction

Prioritise Customer Experience And Boost Client Satisfaction

Unlock the full potential of our field service management software, extending its advantages beyond your internal team to revolutionise customer experience. Clik Remote’s customer portal ensures clients have seamless access to site-specific details and the ability to initiate incidents through their personalised dashboard. The dashboard is fully customisable with various widgets, allowing clients to tailor their experience. You have control over the information they see, ensuring a personalised and secure interaction.

Incorporate real-time updates and instant access to information on demand to promote transparency and informed decision-making. With our field service management software, you not only streamline internal operations but also create a customer-centric approach that leads to unparalleled efficiency and customer delight.

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