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Keep Track of Stock

Take the headaches out of inventory management with software designed with your industry in mind. Categorise and organise your goods and materials in one centralised location so you can easily see what you have in stock and what needs ordering.

Track where your products are, their available quantity and physical quantity all in one place to eliminate the need for large numbers of spreadsheets. Add product locations to describe where your stock is stored and managed. So, whether you keep materials in a vehicle or a site in your CRM, you can link everything together and keep records up to date.

The Clik Service tool makes every monthly stock take straightforward, without complicated equations or processes.

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Automate Allocating and Dispatching

Automation is everywhere to make life a little easier. Clik Service has the right automation tools to help make work straightforward and less time-consuming. Let Clik Service control the stock control automatically, so you don’t have to worry about doing it manually for every job sheet or invoice. Save your team time and get the work done without any duplications or lost data.

Alternatively, you can do the processes manually, so you have full control over allocation and dispatch. The software gives you the choice so you can tailor the experience to your business needs and resources.

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View Histories and Build Reports

Each time a stock take is carried out in Clik Service, the details are stored for historic reference. Check back on every stock take you’ve completed so you have all the historical data you need for reporting and analytics.

Create custom reports and export your data for your business records. This way, you can manage your earlier sales and usage to plan ahead when it comes to ordering new stock. Make it easy to run weekly reports so you can replenish vehicle stock, ready for the week ahead.

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Field Service Management Made Easy

Clik software can do much more than just manage your products and inventory. Schedule engineers, keep track of customers and streamline every aspect of your business in one place. Integrate with web-based software solutions and mobile job sheet apps to take work further and equip your engineers with the tools they need to get the work done quickly and efficiently.