Enhance Team Connectivity Across All Clik Products

Enhance Team Connectivity Across All Clik Products

Clik’s shared database allows for seamless integration between all Clik products, including service management and certification. With the shared database, your engineers, managers and admin teams to work seamlessly across a range of systems.

It ensures that your certificates and job sheets function together, resulting in cohesive paperwork, regardless of the job. Optimise job and certificate management processes without unnecessary steps. This enhances team connectivity by promoting collaboration and reducing the risk of miscommunication or errors.

Unified Data Management With the Shared Database

Unified Data Management With the Shared Database

Adding new customers or site addresses in the Clik Service CRM? You don’t need to then re-enter the details into the Clik Cert address book; the shared database solution takes care of that for you. You have one central address book across all products. This way, there’s no conflicting data and you don’t need to spend time entering duplicate details.

Shared database software is indispensable in managing jobs, enabling real-time collaboration and communication among team members while minimising errors and redundant tasks. Effortlessly oversee equipment at various customer locations and synchronise staff information to simplify database management through the combined use of certification and job management software.

Clik's Unified Database Solution for Field Services

Discover how Clik’s shared database solution can bring your organisation together. By centralising the data management across all Clik software products, your field service business can achieve seamless integration across all key processes. This unified database approach eliminates the need for duplicate data entries and reduces the risk of errors, ensuring that all departments have access to the most up-to-date information.

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What You Can Integrate With the Shared Database Solution

Connect what’s important across two or three Clik systems to centralise your data.

Address Book
Staff Details
Site Equipment
Job Sheets and Certificates
Certificate History
Connect and Streamline Your Business Processes

Connect and Streamline Your Business Processes

Shared database software is a robust solution crafted to amplify connectivity among Clik products. If you’re new to job management software, take a look at our full range of solutions to bring your team and workflow together. From invoicing and job quoting to engineer scheduling and reporting, you can connect your business and streamline every process from start to finish.

Clik Service and Clik Remote can work together to allow engineers to access job information and update job statuses in real time. Clik Jobs can be used to schedule and allocate jobs to engineers, while Clik Cert can be used to manage and store certificates and compliance documents for engineers and clients.