Simplify Your Service Incident System

At Clik, we have everything you need to create and access service incidents from anywhere. Your team will have all the information they need in one place so they can help your customers restore operations as quickly as possible and minimize any adverse impact incidents might have on their business, ensuring the best quality of service.

Assign Incidents To Team Members As Soon As They're Reported

Simply input all your client’s details, assign a team member, describe the problem and link to an action list. Our service incidents allow you to detect and record, classify, prioritize, investigate, diagnose, resolve, and restore quickly and efficiently. 


Manage & Track All Incidents Easily

Having a more defined process through the entire life cycle of a job means your team can work more efficiently and save time. Clik’s real-time tracking and the ability to access data quickly means your team’s service and productivity levels will be increased. 

You’ll also have complete control over each job and minimize the risk of anything being lost.