Create Professional Quotes in the Field

Professional quotes and estimates are an essential part of securing new business and increasing revenue. Clik Remote’s quoting feature allows your field engineers to create quotes anywhere. Using their mobile device they are able to create an initial quote on-site which can be sent to the back office for pricing and final approval.

Speed Up Quoting With Templates

Our quote templates help your field engineers create professional quotes quickly while in the field. Allowing you to save time and improve efficiency, your engineers can simply pick from a list of your most popular tasks and jobs.

Track Quotes and Go Paperless

Via your Clik Remote dashboard, you will have oversight of all the new quotes that have been generated and are outstanding. This helps to reduce admin time and hence, minimise human error. Our paperless approach to quotes also means that they can quickly be turned into invoices.

Share Quotes Through the Client Portal

You can give your customers the option to respond to their quotes and provide follow-up notes. Within the Customer login, they can look through pending quotes and either accept or reject them. Sharing this information with clients in real-time lets you minimise admin, provide extra visibility for your customers and improve communication.

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Manage Your Jobs From Start to Finish

You can use Clik software for much more than just quoting. Our all-in-one field service management software allows you to manage your entire team of field engineers more efficiently, streamline your operations, and save time and money.

Enhance management and control of all elements related to field-based services and help streamline all aspects of managing a mobile workforce. Clik software offers a complete field service management solution for staffing, scheduling and managing field jobs, creating estimates and quotes, reporting and enhancing your customer service.