Customise Your Notification Triggers

Customise Your Notification Triggers

Set up and customise every part of your notifications, from the conditions and triggers properties to the message text and recipients. Use tags to pull across specified information to give as much detail as you want. With so many options, you can build personalised messages and alerts specific to your business.

You can set up alerts for every module in Clik Service, giving you complete control over what you communicate to your team and customers. Create alerts for when jobs are complete, when an engineer is assigned, when a quote has been raised and much more.

Choose Where You Get Notified

Choose Where You Get Notified

With custom notifications in Clik Service, you can choose how and where your alerts appear. This way, the right staff member is aware when a service level agreement (SLA) has been breached or when a job has been updated.

Notifications can be sent by email, internal pop-ups, SMS text message or through Microsoft Teams. This way, you can choose the best type of notification to get to your recipient. For your engineers on the go, a text message might be best, but you might want to send the message via Microsoft Teams to alert a group of managers or area teams.

Service Management Software Notifications

The Clik Service notification module ensures you are always in the loop with what is going on in your business, whether you’re in the office or out onsite.

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Everything You Need in One Place

Clik software gives you and your engineers the tools you need to keep track of every part of your business, from invoicing and quoting to engineer scheduling and reporting. Reduce your reliance on paperwork and streamline processes to make paperwork easier.

Connect your team with remote tools and mobile job sheet apps to ensure everyone is on the same page. Notifications help bring this all together, but there is so much more to service management software to explore.