Manage Your Mobile Workforce

Our software helps you to manage your mobile workforce as they complete jobs in the field. You can quickly create jobs as new quotes are approved, track how many jobs have been completed that day and assess how much work your team has scheduled in just one glance.

Assign New Jobs To Your Field Engineers

You can track the number of unassigned jobs you have to ensure nothing slips through the cracks and gets missed. With the ability to track your engineers you can pass them new jobs based on their location and available equipment. This consistency and data accessibility will give you the insight necessary to monitor and track your service delivery from start to finish.

Clear & Simple Job Tracking

The dashboard provides a clear overview of the customer’s new and ongoing work. Graphs and charts can be added to visually show important stats such as outstanding jobs and new quotes. These can be completely customisable and monitored from your own office program. A live connection to your database means that your customers can check the real-time progress.

Customise Your Dashboard

The dashboard allows you to set up thresholds for your widgets to help manage your job information. So, if you need a hand keeping on top of your SLAs, setting up a threshold for this report can help. Once in place, the dashboard widget will change colour if the number of jobs past their SLA trigger is above a certain value. Bringing this to attention will help you act early and get back on track.