Speed Up Invoicing

Invoice your jobs with the click of a button. All tasks from your job sheets are automatically pulled through, and you can then edit what information the customer is presented with. For jobs that require repeat payments, you can set up recurring invoices to be automatically generated and sent to the client.

Quick & Easy To Create

You can create professional, branded invoice templates that your engineers can access in the field if they need to create an invoice. Your product list can also be pre-populated so tasks can be added instantly to invoices. This pulls through all of the necessary information such as items a job requires, costs and VAT.

Keep Track Of Invoices & Payments

No more lost paperwork with Clik. You can quickly access all of your invoices through the accounting section of Clik. This feature allows you to filter down the results and customise the columns displayed. This gives you complete control and oversight of the payment process.