Create and Manage Fire and Security Certificates

Create and Manage Fire and Security Certificates

Paperwork might not be everyone’s favourite part of work in the fire and security industry. That’s why certification software is here to take out the stress and the headaches from admin. Store your customers, manage your fire and security certificates and utilise tools to produce professional-looking documents every time.

Insert client details straight from your address book, log operational test results, complete checklists and capture signatures directly onto your digital certificates. Make paper certificates a thing of the past and never lose a certificate again with fire safety management software.

Take Certificates Onsite

Take Certificates Onsite

No need to make notes when onsite and type up the results when back in the office. Cut out unnecessary steps and save time by filling in your certificates straight away when doing the work. Create new reports and record sheets whilst offline or use templates to speed up the process of repeated work and planned maintenance jobs.

The engineer apps for iOS and Android make it easy to prepare your team for any job that comes your way. Access any of the certificates you need, including pre-prepared ones sent from the office or your own custom bespoke certificates.

Fire and Security Certification Software

Clik Cert is the straightforward way to create, edit and manage your fire and security certificates, forms and reports. With a number of customisable options, you can choose the certificates you need for every job that comes your way. So whether it’s an access control service, door entry installation, fire alarm inspection or CCTV maintenance, you can record your work from anywhere, at any time.

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Manage All Your Certificates and More With Clik Software

It’s not just fire and security certificates that you can manage in Clik Cert. It also offers different certificate packs for gas, oil and catering, so you can manage all your documents in once place. Link them to your job sheets in Clik Service using the shared database solution and streamline your operations.

Enhance management and control of all elements related to field-based services and help streamline all aspects of managing a mobile workforce. Clik software offers a complete field service management solution for staffing, scheduling and managing field jobs, creating estimates, raising quotes and reporting. Everything you need to enhance your customer service.