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Create a Bespoke Customer Portal

When you add a new client to your Clik Service account, you have complete control over what they can view in their Clik Remote Customer portal. The permission element is very targeted and allows a bespoke view for each client and each of their sites. They can view job sheets, quotes, invoices and scheduling, as well as their own visual dashboard that displays important stats and items of interest.

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Customers Have Real-Time View of Their Data

The Clik Remote Customer login provides your customers with a centralised location to view quotes, past and pending jobs, invoices, assets and other important information. They can customise their dashboard with a range of different widgets, and you will have control over how much information they can see. The portal pulls through live data to provide clients with an up to date view 24/7.

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Clients Can Submit New Work and Accept Quotes

A client can raise a service incident within their portal, which is a new job or task. Your team will receive a notification and can then turn this into a job sheet, create a quote and send the job instantly to an engineer. The customer can instantly approve the quote, and the work can be carried out. This way, your customers are kept in the loop with every stage of their submitted incidents and can provide feedback directly to your team.

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Manage Jobs, Engineers, Invoices and More

Bring everything together with Clik software. Our all-in-one field service management software allows you to manage your entire team of field engineers more efficiently, streamline your operations, and save time and money.

Enhance management and control of all elements related to field-based services so you can streamline all aspects of managing a mobile workforce. Clik software offers a complete field service management solution for staffing, scheduling and managing field jobs, creating estimates, quoting, reporting and enhancing your customer service.