A CRM allows you to manage your company’s interaction with customers, suppliers and sales prospects; that’s why the CRM is a crucial area of Clik Service and is our most important hub. It’s where everything begins. For any customer from the CRM dashboard, you can quickly create a job sheet, invoice, quote, sales order or a callback, sales enquiry or service or tech incident so you can create things quickly and create purchase orders for suppliers.

Customer Portals

When you add a new client to your Clik Service account you have full control over what they can view in their portal. The permission element is very targeted and allowed a bespoke view for each client. They can view job sheets, quotes, invoices and scheduling.


Invoice your jobs with the click of a button. All tasks from your job sheets are automatically pulled through, and you can then edit what information the customer is presented with. For jobs that require repeat payments, you can set up recurring invoices to be automatically generated and sent to the client.

Job Management

Our software helps you to manage your mobile workforce as they complete jobs in the field. You can quickly create jobs as new quotes are approved, track how many jobs have been completed that day and assess how much work your team has scheduled in just one glance.

Job Scheduling

Our software provides you with a quick and easy way to schedule jobs for your engineers while they are out in the field. Simply create a new job and assign it to a team member. To help with scheduling and to reduce travel times we also have a map feature that shows all of the field engineers scheduled in that area on that day. The task and postcode are displayed, allowing you to select the best or closest person for the job.

Manager Portal

Your manager portal gives you access to everything you need to manage your team remotely. You have access to a customisable dashboard to give an instant overview of key metrics, such as new jobs, unassigned jobs, completed jobs, invoicing values and sites with outstanding jobs. These widgets can be dragged and dropped to customise them to your preferences.

Mobile Job Sheets

Our software allows you to quickly and easily create job sheets as new projects come in. Simply select your client and all of their relevant information is pulled through, such as standard rates and job locations. You can add in any additional notes related to the job, attached new or existing invoices, add actions lists and assign equipment required.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

When you create a new contract for an existing client, Clik’s software will automatically pull through all of their data, locations and equipment. This removes all of the manual data entry normally required and reduces the risks of errors. You can also add in a range of different tasks and the associated rates for that work.


Professional quotes and estimates are an essential part of securing new business and increasing revenue. Clik Remote’s quoting feature allows your field engineers to create quotes anywhere. Using their mobile device they are able to create an initial quote on-site which can be sent to the back-office for pricing and final approval.


Our software gives you 24/7 access to reporting dashboards, regardless of your device or location. You can create bespoke reports or pick off a list of ready-made ones, focus on the information you require to manage and improve your company effectively. You have complete control to view and export to Excel or graphs or add it to your dashboard safely and securely.

Service Incidents

At Clik, we have everything you need to create and access service incidents from anywhere. Your team will have all the information they need in one place so they can help your customers restore operations as quickly as possible and minimize any adverse impact incidents might have on their business, ensuring the best quality of service.

Third Party Integration

Clik integrates with all of the major accounting programs (Sage, Xero and Quickbooks). Whether you’re out in the field or working in the office, you’ll be able to create and submit invoices and receive payments. Everything will be stored centrally in your Clik Service database to be posted to your accounting platform in a matter of seconds.

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Manage Your Jobs From Start to Finish

Our all-in-one field service management software allows you to manage your entire team of field engineers more efficiently, streamline your operations, and save time and money.

Enhance management and control of all elements related to field-based services and help streamline all aspects of managing a mobile workforce. Clik software offers a complete field service management solution for staffing, scheduling and managing field jobs, creating estimates and quotes, reporting and enhancing your customer service.

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