Asset Management

Log, manage and track your assets in one place with service management software. Link assets to your customers in the CRM, add them to job sheets and quotes and view equipment history to make sure all records are up to date and consistent.

Bespoke Certificates

Get the industry-standard certificates you need tailor made for your business. Make edits to existing gas certificates, add your branding or get a brand new certificate that you can use for bespoke jobs using Clik Cert desktop software and apps.

Catering Certificates

Whether you have to fulfil commercial catering inspections, equipment reports or gas safety tests, make sure you are equipped with the right tools to take your paperwork digital. Speed up certification and organise your work with Clik Cert.


Removes all manual data entry typically required for planned maintenance visits with service management software tools. Set up contracts for your clients and automatically create job sheets for each site visit.


CRM (customer relationship management) software allows you to manage your company’s interaction with customers, suppliers and sales prospects. CRM is a crucial area of your field service management. It’s where everything begins.

Customer Portals

Customer portals improve your communication with your clients, building a better customer experience. The web-based platform gives your clients access to everything they need in one place. They can view the progress of their ongoing work, accept quotes and raise new incidents for your team.


Your field service diary holds all your meetings, contract site visits, job sheets and more all in one place for your team to see what’s going on in the business in a glance. Plan ahead and never miss another appointment.

Electrical Certificates

Make it easy to create, edit and complete all your official NICEIC electrical certificates in one place with electrical certification software. Carry out work on-the-go and streamline the process of filling out 18th Edition Amendment 2 certificates.

Engineer Portals

Equip your engineers with the tools they need to efficiently carry out designated work,  check their diary, view customer details and much more when they’re out in the field. Remote software gives them the access they need to the live database on any device.


With f-gas tracking software tools, you can efficiently manage your f-gas logs, systems and control cylinders all in one place. You and your team can then work with you on-the-go with web-based management software.

Fire and Security Certificates

For fire and security engineers, paperwork is important. Equip you and your team with certification software and apps to take work digital so you can fulfil any job that comes your way. From door entry maintenance, CCTV installation, fire detection and more.

Fleet Management

Store all important information about your vehicles and set up reminders for your next service or MOT with vehicle fleet management software tools. Use vehicles as stock locations and run reports to manage your inventory.

Gas Certificates

Create, manage and complete your gas certificates in just a few clicks with certification software. Choose from an extensive library of industry-standard digital certificates, including gas, fire and security, with the option to get your custom ones created.


Invoicing is made easy with the right tools. With field management software, you can find everything you need to raise new invoices, track overdue payments and post work to your accounts software in just a few clicks.

Job Management

It’s easy to manage all your job sheets and ongoing work with job management software. You can use these tools to link jobs to your customers and send job sheets to your engineers onsite. Every process is streamlined so you don’t have to worry about missing any work.

Job Scheduling

Take control of your work and easily schedule jobs for your engineers while they are out in the field. Use Google Maps to select the best or closest person for the job. With diaries and engineer schedules, you’ll be able to easily see every job you have scheduled and make changes when needed.

Manager Portal

Your manager portal gives you access to everything you need to manage your team remotely. You have access to a customisable dashboard to give an instant overview of key metrics, as well as your engineer schedule, diary, sites and more.

Mobile Job Sheets

Equip your engineers with everything they need to get the job done. Utilise job sheet apps so they can complete work from their mobile device, capture customer signatures, add equipment and more.


With customisable notifications, you can make sure you and your team are kept in the loop with everything important happening in your business. Set up specific conditions and send them through email, SMS, internally or Microsoft Teams.

Print Templates

Create bespoke print documents with the print template editor. Add your company logo, images, action lists and more to craft professional templates for your job sheets, invoices, quotes and more.

Purchase Orders

Make managing and raising new product purchases easier with dedicated tools for your purchase orders. Select vendor details from your CRM and add your existing products so you don’t need to re-enter data every time you create an order


Professional quotes and estimates are essential for securing new business and increasing revenue. Service management software brings all your accounting documents together and makes it easy to link to your customers so you never miss a payment.

Renewables Certificates

With certification software, you can manage all your forms in one place. With options for renewable energy installations, maintenance jobs and more, you can easily take care of the paperwork without any hassles.


Plan ahead and keep track of different aspects of your business with customisable reports. Build reports based on your completed jobs, quickly find overdue invoices and focus on the information you need to manage and improve your company effectively.

Service Incidents

Keep track of any raised incidents and ensure the best quality service for your clients. Your team will have all the information they need in one place to help your customers restore operations as quickly as possible and minimise any adverse impact incidents might have on their business.

Shared Database

Clik’s shared database solution brings together Clik Service, Clik Cert and/or Clik’s NICEIC Cert Software to streamline productivity across programs. Utilise one central address book across two or three of Clik’s primary products and bring together certificates and job sheets.

Stock Control

Make the monthly stock take easier with service management software tools and automations. Keep track of your inventory in one centralised location so you  easily see what you have in stock and what needs restocking.

Third Party Integration

Integrate service management software with other tools you use to streamline your whole business. Post invoices and purchase orders to your accounts software (Xero, QuickBooks or Sage), send emails from your Outlook, overlay your Microsoft 365 calendars and plan the best routes with Google Maps.


Certificate validation tools can help make checking paperwork easier. Quickly identify potential missing details and complete work to a high standard every time. Simplify the certificate admin with validation features in electrical and gas, catering and fire certification software.

Manage Your Jobs From Start to Finish

Manage Your Jobs From Start to Finish

Our all-in-one field service management software allows you to manage your entire team of field engineers more efficiently, streamline your operations, and save time and money.

Enhance management and control of all elements related to field-based services and help streamline all aspects of managing a mobile workforce. Clik software offers a complete field service management solution for staffing, scheduling and managing field jobs, creating estimates and quotes, reporting and enhancing your customer service.

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