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Clik Cert Electrical

Clik Cert Electrical

Clik Cert Electrical


Complete Electrical Certs On Your Mobile Or Tablet

Clik Cert Electrical is an app that simplifies how you do your electrical certification.  Improve how your teams work by allowing engineers to create, test and fill out certs onsite.  When your engineer has finished their job, they can upload their certs back to NICEIC Cert Software at HQ for signoff by the Qualified Supervisor. 


  • Includes NICEIC 18th Edition certs
  • No need for wifi or data, Clik Cert Electrical works offline
  • You can add signatures to your electrical certificates
  • Includes protective devices, type of wiring, test instruments, ref methods and observations
  • Link certs to your customer accounts
  • Works with NICEIC Cert Software for Windows desktop
  • iOS and Android versions available for mobile or tablets

    Key Integrations

    NICEIC Cert Software, iOS, Android

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