The Ultimate Tool for Catering Equipment Engineers

Clik Cert brings your certificates together in one place. From commercial inspections, catering appliance tests, gas safety and decommissioning reports, every job you complete can be efficiently documented.

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Create Certificate Templates

Speed up repeated contract work with certificate templates that work just for your business. Easily copy across previous data onto new forms without long copy-and-paste processes.

Store Client Details

Keep track of your customers in the address book and add them to new certificates in just a few clicks. Send details to your engineers out in the field using catering certification apps.

Work Offline

No internet connection? No problem. You can still fill in certificates when you’re out visiting sites with the Clik Cert (Field) apps on your mobile device or tablet.

Create and Manage Catering Certificates

Create and Manage Catering Certificates

With the Clik Cert catering certificate pack, you can easily create and manage all your inspection certificates, safety records and equipment reports all in one place.

Equip your engineers with catering certificate mobile apps to ensure they have the right tools for every job. No need to take out physical paper certificates that could be easily misplaced or damaged. Fill out the details there and then whilst onsite to speed up the certification process and reduce your admin tasks.

Available Certificates

Workplace Safety

Included for free with Clik Cert

  • Safe to Work Checklist
  • Health and Safety Risk Assessment Form
  • Danger Do Not Use – Warning Notice | DWN.G22


Pack 1
  • Catering Appliances Gas Safety Inspection | CAGSI.C22
  • Commercial Catering Inspection Record – Non Domestic | CCI-ND.C22
  • Commercial Catering Inspection Record | CCI.C22
  • Mobile Catering Vehicle/Trailer Safety Record | MSR.C22
  • Equipment Decommissioning Report | EDR.C22