Upcoming New Clik Service Features

Upcoming New Clik Service Features

Ever wanted a more efficient way to assign your jobs? Well coming soon to Clik Service are site alerts! When booking jobs in Clik Service, you’ll be able to find the next available slot for an engineer and receive a warning if you have an outstanding job at the same site you have selected.

To find out more check out our product roadmap below.

Notifications Webinar

We recently held a webinar to cover the newest features in the upgraded notifications module. If you missed the live event, catch up below to see how to set up your own custom alerts and link with Microsoft Teams.

Bespoke Templates

Have you had a chance to utilise the bespoke template service for Clik Service? Chat with our template team to see how we can design your own custom templates for complicated jobs, quotes and more.


You can always learn something about the product you are using, no matter how experienced you are with Clik. You can choose from a variety of different training options to meet your business objectives. Regardless of whether you opt for online training or on-site training, we can customise the modules to suit your needs.

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What We're Listening to

What We're Listening to

Some of the top tracks running through our heads at the moment:

Liam D – Exile, Taylor Swift
Tom F – Be Opened By The Wonderful, James
Josh – Fighting Myself, Linkin Park
Jay – Mazzy Star, Fade Into You


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Feature of the Month

This month’s ‘Feature of the Month’ is how to create backups in Clik Service.

It’s important to run regular backups to protect your data and avoid any unfortunate mishaps. If you are unsure how to run a backup or set up automatic backups in Clik Service, check out our feature of the month video on Instagram.