What's New in Clik Service

What's New in Clik Service

Ever wanted a more efficient way to assign your jobs? Introducing site alerts! When booking jobs in Clik Service, you’ll receive a warning if you have an outstanding job at the same site you have selected so you never double book for a site.

To find out more, follow the link below!

Upcoming New Clik Service Features

Upcoming New Clik Service Features

Do you want a faster and more efficient way to assign, manage and complete jobs? Well, our upgraded Clik Service engineer schedule is on its way. With new features like zones, scheduling, map view, bookings and warnings, the engineering schedule is perfect to assist you with engineer management.

Make sure you check out our update roadmap to stay up to date with further developments with our new engineer schedule.

Shared Database

Manage all your customer information with our shared database in Clik Service. It enables you to see your Clik Cert certs in Clik Service and link them to jobs, enforce mandatory job numbers on certs to enable automatic links to jobs, as well as print directly from Clik Service instead of Clik Cert.

Windows Server 2012 R2

Please note that Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows Server 2012 R2. Therefore, we will also be dropping support for Clik Service servers running this system.

Holiday Opening Hours

The office will be closed from midday 22nd December until 8:30am on 2nd January 2024.

If you require any technical support during this break, please visit our support site or contact our team via email.

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What We're Listening to

What We're Listening to

Check out some of the games we’ve been loving recently:

Kristia: gürl – Crying in Nightclub Bathrooms
George: Nekonomicon – Metalwaves
Jess: Sleep Token – Rain
Alex: Madvillian – Four Tet Remixes
James: Tribe Called Quest – Low-end Theory