<h1>Electrical: Saving Time in Crucial Areas</h1>
Keeping Customers Happy and Prices Low With NICEIC Cert Software

Electrical: Saving Time in Crucial Areas

“Clik has saved me time in the office producing certs as I can do them onsite and upload as soon as I am back in the office with ease.”

Marc Green
Managing Director

Marc has over ten years of experience in industrial, commercial and domestic installations and maintenance. Since starting up, work undertaken has been commercial and domestic insurance work on fire and flood-damaged properties. In 2020, Marc is expanding into the electric vehicle sector, installing car charge points all over the south-east of England.


The Challenges

Being a start-up, he had to ensure the work produced was to a high standard so they would shine in a competitive market. This included the admin side of the business. Marc knew if they got it right early on, potential hiccups and headaches would be avoided down the line. With the workload building up already, They are employing two new engineers in the new year, as well as looking at apprenticeship schemes. Getting set up correctly from the start was key to ensuring a successful and profitable new business.

“Completing paperwork for any hands-on business is always the downside of what I do. When you have simple and easy to use software it improves time-saving in crucial areas. It helps to free up more time to concentrate on future upcoming projects” says Managing Director Marc.


How Clik Helped

“One of the first hurdles when setting up the business was becoming NICEIC registered, to be an NICEIC Approved Contractor. Our NICEIC assessor, Christopher Ansell, was really helpful. He told us that Clik’s NICEIC Cert Software was the best software to use” Says Marc.

“His recommendation was to use the software onsite when I’m working, filling out certificates as I go. This would help me save time in the office after the installations are finished to work on other areas of paperwork that needed to be finished. It would also help me keep on track and ahead of my working timetable”.

“Running a new business is very time-consuming. I don’t have time to sit and learn complicated packages. Saving money as a fresh start-up is also critical, and the paperless cycle and PDF emails mean that we don’t have printing and postage costs”. Says Marc. “The only reason I chose NICEIC Cert Software for my certification was how easy it is to upload the results onto a straightforward system that stores results automatically. I can do this from the office or when I’m working onsite using my tablet. It is genuinely simple to load and looks fantastic when reading from a customer point of view. The layout when scrolling through previous certs helps to locate and browse in quicktime”.

“Getting up and running was simple enough, I work on a Mac, but I spoke with Alex at Clik, and he made this process simple, even an amateur skilled computer person like myself. Getting used to new software is always a challenge no matter what industry you work in. I’m fortunate enough that the Cilk/NICEIC software is simple to grasp and you have help to get up and running as soon as you’ve downloaded the software”. Says Marc.

“The more I use NICEIC Cert Software the easier it gets, after learning the shortcut keys and tools behind the program itself”.


“It is genuinely simple to load and looks fantastic when reading from a customer point of view.”


The Future

“For me personally, the main benefits are that I can use my tablet onsite and upload certificate bundles when and if I need them, anywhere I may be. Now that I’m using this software, I can’t see myself using any other”.

“Clik has saved me time in the office producing certs as I can do them onsite and upload as soon as I am back in the office with ease. This has helped the company as a startup hugely as it has saved a lot of time on unneeded clerical work for certificate production”.

“As my business expands, so will the use of NICEIC Cert Software with myself and others. I’ll use it onsite with engineers and in the office. I’ll review certs as soon as they are uploaded and then I’ll be able to produce the certificates quickly for customers peace of mind. Which in turn means I’ll get the invoice out immediately to our customers”.

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