<h1>Electrical: Linking Everything Together</h1>
Our Business Is Complicated: Managing Jobs Isn't

Electrical: Linking Everything Together

“I can’t imagine working life without Clik Service and Clik Jobs. They’ve made managing the office 100% better and far more efficient.”

Sylvie Wilson
Office Manager

This electrical service company is a family-run business formed in 2008. They employ a competent team of electricians. Over the years they have grown organically to become a highly reputable NICEIC contractor. Providing electrical services to several sectors and carrying out work ranging from a large complex project for big businesses to daily electrical installations for regular clients. They are also the market leader in Solar PV.

Office Manager, Sylvie Wilson, talks us through their thinking and their partnership with Clik.


The Challenges

“Working with domestic and commercial clients means that our jobs can vary dramatically. One day we’re in someone’s home; at the same time, we could be in an NHS Trust setting up and fitting an MRI scanner module building. That variety brings its challenges. We needed a job management system that could understand the complexities of being a diverse electrical services company”. says Sylvie.

“We’d been using multiple Microsoft programs which weren’t practical for all the office tasks we needed to do. Our goal was to simplify the way we created jobs sheets, invoices and completed purchase orders as well as move to electronic job sheets”.


How Clik Helped

“Our electrical engineers had already been using Clik’s, NICEIC Certification Software for six years following a recommendation from the NICEIC. After researching other software solutions, we chose Clik Service because it looked like the best job management software on the market that specialised in electrical contractor’s needs”.

“The buying process was refreshingly simple, and we could migrate our database straight across. They took care of everything and were a pleasure to deal with. Clik Service and Clik Jobs dovetail perfectly. Clik Jobs is quick and straightforward for the engineers to use and takes up less of their valuable time to complete job sheets. With Clik Service, everything can link together from a quotation through to the invoice. It makes tracking your invoicing so much easier and means I can turn a job sheet into an invoice within seconds”.

“I can’t imagine working life without Clik Service and Clik Jobs. They’ve made managing the office 100% better and far more efficient. Instead of using manual timesheets and working out hours, travel, mileage, and materials – a real headache – the guys enter the details into Clik Jobs on their tablets. Then the info’s sent through to me, and that information is at hand within seconds. Clik has made purchasing stock, invoicing, credit control as well as job, staff and vehicle management a lot, lot easier.

One client used to take at least two days to invoice due to their complexity. But with Clik Service, I have their invoices emailed out before lunch on a Monday. Timesheets used to be a nightmare, but these are now just a quick check and off to the accounts dept and purchases are a lot more organised. We also get more detailed information from the engineers because they have more time”.

“The software has been simple to work. But if I have had any issues with Clik, I call Clik’s awesome support team and am generally called back the same day. Clik Service has helped us save time, run the office more efficiently and allowed us to keep accurate records” says Sylvie.


The Future

“Clik is a friendly, professional, young, vibrant and innovative company. They listen to their clients and take on board suggestions to improve. Everyone I’ve spoken to has been enthusiastic and helpful. I think we’ll be sticking with Clik for the foreseeable future”.

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