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We Saved £15,000 By Switching To Clik Service

With one simple hassle-free software change Tudor Tea and Coffee Ltd saved £15,000 by switching their management software to Clik Service.

Tudor Tea and Coffee import, blend, produce and distribute their award winning tea and coffee across the UK from their base in Essex. They roast coffee and blend tea on site daily, so they can deliver the freshest quality beverages to their varied customer base alongside their maintenance and accessories services. 

Their Challenges

Although alchemists in crafting the perfect brew, Tudor Tea and Coffee couldn’t find a fool proof tool to support their growing business demands. They invested in custom built business management software, but their dreams of fuss free administration never fully reached fruition.

Their bespoke software suited their basic needs at the time of its inception but further refinement and developments over 3 years led to clunky bolted add-ons with a hefty price tag. This compounded with the lack-lustre technical support they were receiving, which could leave them without any software for days, meant they quickly became frustrated. They thought, there must be a simpler way?

How Clik Helped

After a brief Google search, Sam Phillips, Service Manager at Tudor Tea and Coffee, scrolled across Clik and their flagship software Clik Service. With some diligent research into Clik’s previous customers, they brought Clik Service and “haven’t looked back since”.

The team at Tudor Tea and Coffee quickly got to grips with the easy to use software and the refreshingly helpful and readily available tech support. “The support team at Clik are always available, ready to jump to our aid if we ever have issues,” said Sam Phillips.

“We probably don’t use the system to its full potential, but it’s a great help to have regular free updates,” she added.

Benefits Of Clik

When Tudor Tea and Coffee moved to Clik they instantly slashed their software bill by 88%, from £17,000 over 3 years to just £2,000 for the same period.

Following a simple and fuss free buying process and installation, Clik Service seamlessly integrated with Tudor Tea and Coffee’s business; offering unparalleled value for money.

“I can’t fault it for what we’ve paid. I wouldn’t change a thing and I’d recommend Clik Service to anyone,” said Tudor Tea and Coffee Service Manager, Sam Phillips.

Clik Services’ competitive price without subscription fees, plus free updates, has relieved Tudor Tea and Coffee’s management software woes. Helping them get on with what they do best: the real work.

Sam Phillips
Service Manager
Tudor Tea and Coffee