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Clik Supports Our Growing Business

Zealous advocates of Clik’s field service software, Techniheat Plant and Services Ltd have found Clik Service and Clik Remote invaluable assets to support their growing business as well as making job sheets a breeze.

Techniheat Plant Services using service management software

About Techniheat Plant Services

Techniheat Plant Services Ltd know the heating and air conditioning industry inside and out. With more than 30 years combined experience their expertise supplying heating, air and water services support to their 600 strong regular customer base, across the North West of England and beyond.

Their Challenges

Eager to grow their business, once trusty manual processes including hand written job sheets and cost calculations in Excel, became more and more time consuming and manually intensive.

“Prior to Clik we were using Microsoft Access to log all jobs coming in. Then these jobs would be given to engineers via a phone call,” remembers Phil O’Sullivan, Finance Director at Techniheat.

“Then we would have to wait for an engineer to be near the office for him to drop off his job sheets,” Phil continued.

How Clik Helped

Phil took to Google and over 12 months tested more than 20 different service management software packages. He found Clik Service and Clik Remote stood out from the rest for 3 main reasons:

  1. Clik Service is not web based, like most of its competitors, so they could still work offline. 
  2. Clik’s software syncs with Sage, so no need to duplicate or manually type invoices.
  3. Clik Service allows you to set rates for rate based work so costs can be generated automatically.

“As well as being very easy to use we loved the fact that we own our versions of Clik Service and Clik Remote, without a subscription.

“The buying process was extremely simple and our software package from Clik was so much cheaper than their rivals and has many more features that suit our requirements.” 

Benefits of Clik

“The biggest results and improvements we’ve noticed are the speed and quality of information available,” Phil enthused.

“For instance, all job sheets completed by engineers and signed off by our customers are sent back from Clik Remote to Clik Service within a couple of seconds, making it a virtually live system.

“How it works I don’t know but it works amazingly well. It is extremely fast, jobs can be closed down and costings sent straight away, which means orders come back quicker and invoices are raised sooner.

“Having a system like Clik Service and Remote working together has certainly laid the platform for us to be able to take on more work, market for new customers and therefore take on more staff.

“I can say the software probably does about 95% of what we need it to. Obviously, that’s bordering on the notion of almost perfect whereas our old system only did about 20% of what we needed.

“On my recommendation, two other companies we work with have bought from Clik. The products are amazing, the support team are excellent and the staff are very professional. I cannot recommend Clik highly enough.”

Phil O'Sullivan
Finance Director
Techniheat Plant Services Ltd