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Capturing Customers Signatures Speeds Up Payment

Raphael Magnus of Safe-Electric has been using Clik Service and Clik Jobs for a few years. He tells us why our service management software has made job control a lot easier. 

"My names Raphael Magnus and I am the MD of Safe-Electric Nationwide Ltd, based down in The Fens. We’ve been using Clik Software (Clik Service and Clik Jobs) for a few years now. It’s made our lives and job control incredibly easy. One of the facilities that we really enjoy is to be able to use our phone to get the customers signatures, captured straight back to the system. We can virtually within a matter of hours produce that back to the client and get paid seamlessly as it integrates with a number of accountancy pieces of software. We happen to use Sage, and it makes our life very easy, you don’t have to triplicate your methods. You can do it once and it just populates everything".