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Service Management Software Streamlined Our Processes

Security and Electronic Solutions (SAES) specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of bespoke security systems across South East England.

The Kent based business, which has a projected turnover in the region of £1 million, are looking to expand their CCTV and intruder alarm business to include gate and barrier features with turnstile and new biometric technologies.

With an elite team of 10, Clik’s management software is essential to help streamline SAES’ administrative processes and centralise their quotation platform, freeing up more of their valuable time.

Fabio Girolami of SAES explains: “Clik Service helps us to structure all our quotes and service incidents which are now noted down in one place, thanks to Clik, making it easy for all departments to have access to them. It also means that service incidents are never forgotten as there is a reminder that they need to be followed up.”

Clik Service’s quotation and diary organisation functions have also helped to simplify its teams work processes.

“All of our sale enquiries go through Clik Service, along with all service incidents. We run quotes from the software and it makes the sales and engineering process a lot simpler.

“Our quotes can also be done in the Clik Service quoting function, and due to its user friendly layout we can then run all the orders through it as well,” said Fabio.

SAES have also taken advantage of the “very knowledgeable and always willing to help” Clik support team, who have been on hand to help guide them through the initial implementation and integration of the Clik Service system.

“Working with the Clik has been really easy, our main issue is that we are only using about 20% of its capabilities! But we hope to expand by providing our engineers with the Clik Jobs app. This will allow engineers in the field to instantly link up with the SAES head office whilst also replacing the time consuming paper system we currently use.”

With high profile customers such as M&S, Starbucks and BMW it’s even more important for SAES to be able to structure their business and support their sales and field teams; reducing paperwork and increasing productivity.

“We’re confident that as we incorporate more of Clik’s capabilities into the company, such as invoicing and Clik Jobs app for our engineers, we will see further improvement,” added Fabio Girolami.

Fabio Girolami
Sales Executive