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Meeting Business Goals With Clik

Electrical contractors Right Wire were looking for an effective business tool to manage their multiple diaries and client jobs, while still being easy-to-use and affordable. Right Wire managing director Richard Lodge discusses why Clik proved to be the right choice to meet their business goals.

"Right Wire is an electrical contracting business based on the Isle of Wight, delivering electrical services across the UK. Right Wire was formed in 2005, starting life with 3 electricians and has grown steadily to 12 electricians today. In that time, we have seen our vehicle fleet size expand proportionately; our continued growth and success has enabled Right Wire to relocate to much larger, purpose-built premises."

Our Challenges

"Achieving successful and sustainable business growth is dependent on establishing a business infrastructure that is scalable, incremental, easy to use and affordable. The biggest challenge initially, was finding a business tool to efficiently manage multiple diaries, client jobs and streamline business processes to meet Right Wire’s immediate needs."

How Clik Helped

"Clik has positioned Right Wire’s business infrastructure to enable incremental expansion. We currently manage 12 diaries with Clik but we could just as easily scale this up to manage 50! The same can be said for managing our ever-increasing fleet of vehicles.

"Whilst we purchased Clik for the reasons outlined above, as we became more familiar with the product we started to introduce other functionality that has been designed into Clik. The integration of Outlook with Clik has delivered significant additional business efficiencies.

"In summary, Clik has quite simply enabled us to align our current business processes to deliver our short-term business goals."

Benefits of Clik

"Clik has proven to be both easy and intuitive to use as a software application. Right Wire’s business strategy will utilise the modularity and scalability that Clik offers to achieve our business goals. This capability is further enhanced by the extensive range of 3rd party, non-proprietary application packages that can be integrated within our Clik solution.

"Our experience of ever needing help or support from Clik has been nothing less than 1st class. We have experienced a highly responsive and knowledgeable solution to all the problems that we have encountered.

"For Right Wire, Clik has proved to be a highly cost-effective business infrastructure tool offering great value for money. The pricing structure is designed to enable incremental growth for any business.

"Whilst using Clik, we have seen a continuous development of the suite of products and the functionality they offer. This internal investment by Clik gives us great confidence that they themselves believe in their products and, we as users, can see these benefits. The ability for users to influence the product developments is also encouraging and refreshing."

Looking Forward

"Over recent months Right Wire have been trialling Clik Eleccert for iPad which is delivering efficiency savings. We are planning to incrementally roll this out to other engineers over the coming year.

"Right Wire will be fully integrating Clik with our accounting package (Xero) over the coming months. We are really excited about the job profitability reports that will be automatically available to us as a result of this integration. This will enable us to ascertain client, job, and job type profitability. This will be achieved without any additional inputting of data, due to the integration of Xero with Clik.

"In parallel with this integration activity, Right Wire’s senior management team are actively exploring the next most suitable Clik product to add to our portfolio to improve client satisfaction and our overall business performance.

"Currently, Right Wire stores the Clik database on a local server which is backed up off-site. A significant improvement Clik could make to the system would be for the database to be Cloud-based, which would streamline remote working.
Right Wire looks forward to our continued working relationship with Clik to the mutual benefit of both companies."

Richard Lodge
Managing Director
Right Wire