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It's Made My Day So Much Easier

Marc Perry has been using Clik Service for 6 years. We had a chat with him and he told us why he loves using service management software and how it benefits his business. 

"Hi I'm Marc from Perry Technical Services, I've been using Clik software now for, probably about six years. I've recently upgraded to Clik 4 and I also use Clik Remote which gives me access to Clik Service when I'm out and about on a job. I have access to all my job sheets, invoices, quotations, I can do job costing whilst on site, produce estimates whilst on site - it cuts down on a lot of office time. With the Clik Remote job service records, job sheets as soon as I click completed, that job is actually completed on the system, back in the office it's so easy to just go home, print off the invoice, stick it in the post or email it to the customer. Clik has made my work day so much easier, it's cut down a lot of time spent in the office. Clik is an absolutely great product I'd recommend it to anyone"