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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Misubishi Heavy Indutries

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries appointed Clik to create a tool to help our air conditioning engineers design our VRF systems.

The software enabled the process of designing and building Mitsubishi Heavy Industries systems quicker, simpler and more efficient. It also ensures that systems are built according to our guidelines.

The software informs engineers which pipe sizes and components are required and advise on the performance of the overall system and of each indoor unit. It will also produce efficiency reports and diagrams.

Designing VRF systems can be a very time-consuming and complex process. This software tool will enable engineers to cut down the time needed and ensure that the end result is the optimum system for customers’ needs. We had heard about Clik’s work in developing software for the industry and had been impressed by their AC Calc product for calculating heat gains and losses.”

They were therefore a natural choice when we were looking for a partner to work with us.

David Lettis
UK Sales Manager
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries