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Goodbye, Lost Paper. Hello, Know-Everything Efficiency

In the years before Clik, Kimera, specialises in facilities management for commercial businesses, would lose track of their paper trail, relying heavily on paperwork transferred manually by engineers. Frustrating, not to mention time-consuming and costly. They needed a comprehensive CRM system to help smooth out their daily business processes. We caught up with Lee Alford, Director, and his team to hear their Clik story.

Kimera started using a CRM and equipment tracking software but it didn’t meet their varied needs and demands. They also wanted to keep track of their growing team of engineers before they became unwieldy.

Kimera Facilities Management


Lee discounted two other service management software packages for their poor feature list and expensive price tag. He found the partnership of Clik Service, Clik Jobs and Clik Remote met the majority of their extensive wish list and were reasonably priced. They were also local, with Clik and Kimera’s head offices spitting distance from each other in Bristol.

Instantly, Clik Jobs removed their messy physical paper trail. Instantly, Engineers could sync their job information back to head office. And customers loved the fact that they could log in and see their account. Win-win-win.


“We like working with you guys,” said Lee. “Everyone we work with gets things done and knows their stuff.” As the Kimera team have got used to the Clik software they’ve “started to use all five gears.”

“I like the idea that you try to continually improve the software,” Lee added. Recent updates like the spell check and colour changing options in Clik Service have been avidly anticipated and used by the Kimera office team.

Kimera’s Finance Director, Trevor Miles is another happy user, utilising Clik’s integration with Sage. “On the accounting side, I’m happy with it. It’s a good system,” said Trevor.


With business showing no signs of slowing down and new staff joining them, Kimera are looking to book more Clik software training for its burgeoning team. They’re also keen to build a new electrical branch to their business, which could see them making the most of Clik’s partnership with the NICEIC and their suite of certification software and apps. “It’s a thumbs up from us,” concluded Lee Alford.

Lee Alford
Kimera Facilities