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It’s Reduced The Workload By 50%

 Boilercare had trouble with sheer amounts of paperwork and needed to find a way to improve their job management so they turned to Clik. Watch below and find out what benefits Clik Service brought to their business. 

Phil: Hello, I’m with Nicola from Boilercare and I’m going to ask her a few questions about Clik. So how long have you used Clik?

Nicola: Just over a year now. It’s been great.

Phil: Good good. So what sort of problems did you have before using Clik?

Nicola: So before we were using an out-of-date, unsupported access database that kept falling over, we couldn’t get the reports that we needed, couldn’t find the customers.  We had lots of paperwork everywhere, the office was full with filing cabinets. The engineers tried to bring the paperwork back to us. It was just an absolute, complete nightmare. I don’t know how we managed for so long.

Phil: Great. So how has Clik helped, has it put all that together?

Nicola: Definitely. We’re just about to roll out the engineers to have jobs on their phone, so that will reduce paperwork. Doing invoices, quotes; it’s reduced the workload by 50% at least

Phil: That’s great news. Great news. Well, hopefully our partnership can continue.

Nicola: Brilliant, thank you.

Phil: Thanks very much.