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Within A Few Weeks, You Notice The Benefits

At the ELEX show in Coventry, Phil had a chat with Peter from Home Electrical Ltd about his experience with Clik Service and Clik Jobs. See what he said in the video below.

Phil: Hello. I’m with Peter from Home Electrical Ltd. He uses Clik Service and we’re just going to ask him a few quick questions. So how long have you used Clik for?

Peter: About five years now

Phil: Five years. And what sort of problems did you experience before using Clik?

Peter: My office desk used to be like this. Paperwork everywhere, jobs everywhere, emails everywhere. We just had to organise at some point. So obviously, we got in touch with you boys, started using it. Benefits us straight away. You can just see jobs were more streamlined and the engineers were getting the jobs that they were meant for straight away. Which was the main thing, so jobs were getting done on time. So within literally a few weeks you just noticed the benefits.

Phil: That’s fantastic. Good to hear. And I hope you will continue with us.

Peter: We will do, yeah. It’s brilliant, honestly. And I love the Clik Jobs app. Because the engineers have got the information there straight away and that’s what you want. You’re not sending them emails constantly throughout the day: “you need to go to this job, you need to go to that job.” And also, you’ve got live tracking so you can see where your engineers are. It’s just fantastic.

Phil: Brilliant, that’s good to hear. Great.