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Why We Love Clik Service!

GW Power-Safe Ltd are electrical contractors specialising in servicing and testing alongside electrical and mechanical installations. We work with a wide range of customers and variety of projects from small domestic jobs to large commercial design and build projects. We are a young team who are passionate about taking on apprentices and encouraging on-the-job learning to progress. We started with 3 employees in June 2014 and have since grown to 10, which I can see expanding more over the next year.

GW Powersafe, Electricians

Their Challenges

Before Clik, I was struggling to organise tenders and quotations in time for their deadlines. There was no system in place meaning that I often found myself with 3 or 4 to finish and would have to work through the night to complete them on time. Also, all our engineers worked with paper job packs which were constantly getting left behind on site/in the van/at home or lost. Which again was losing us valuable time.

I hadn’t used management software before. But it had got to a point where I needed to introduce a system to organise both mine and my engineers time to become more productive. Also to maintain the level of service I wanted to offer our clients I needed to put in place something to help me control and organise our workload.

At first, I thought Clik was too expensive, so I continued to struggle using the traditional whiteboard system to arrange jobs. After a year of umming and ahhing, and following a busy summer, I decided to bite the bullet and install Clik. I’ve never looked back and in hindsight, I wish I had bought it a lot sooner as it’s become an integral part of my business.

How Clik Helped

We started using Clik Service around six months ago; we have found it to be a great asset to our Company. It’s made organising our growing workload so much easier and efficient, we wouldn't be without it now. 

I’m a time served engineer, and the majority of my experience is practical, so computers are not my strong point. Saying this though, I have self-taught Clik, and found it easy. I would say it is a user-friendly program. I would have liked to have used the training offered, but I just couldn’t find the time.

We have a lot of reactive maintenance and offer a 24/7 call out, but Clik's features mean I can keep track of all our jobs and engineers. The diary system initially drew me to Clik as it enables me to sort jobs by status which I find beneficial.

I was looking for CRM software that would let me keep all enquiries, quotes, and clients in one place. Then track them from initial enquiry to completion. Clik offered all these features and more which means it’s able to grow with us.

Benefits Of Clik

Using Clik Service has made me more productive, more efficient and more organised. If I were operating at this level still using my old whiteboard system, I wouldn’t know if I was coming or going. But Clik makes it easy for me to see what stage each job is at, which engineers are working where and what tenders/quotes I need to complete. 

As we grow, I am using more and more of the features available and discovering new ways I can integrate Clik Service with our business.

We use less paper now as we email all job packs to our engineers, which also gives us a digital paper trail. It has definitely saved us time and increased productivity in the office. It means I can focus more time on growing our customer base and maintaining the service that attracts them in the first place!

Working With The Clik Team

It seems to me that Clik employs the right type of people, everyone I’ve dealt with has been great.

Tom, our account manager is outstanding, he’s always available and helpful. He comes back to me quickly with any questions and understands the vision I have and how I want to change the industry using software such as Clik Service. I get on really well with him, which makes all the difference in dealing with a company.

The support team is excellent; everyone I have spoken to has been knowledgeable and helpful. I’ve always been able to resolve any problems quickly without wasting time being sat waiting for an answer or someone to come back to me.

Looking Forward

I am looking to roll out Clik Remote to all our engineers, which will speed up processes throughout the business. This will also eliminate paper time sheets and allow for quicker invoicing.

My aim is to change the view of electricians. People have a vision of an old man in scruffy overalls and a rusty van turning up to do the job. I want to combine the existing values of electricians with modern technology, to offer our clients the best possible service. Which Clik is helping us to do.

We would recommend using Clik Service to anyone.

Daniel Haley
Managing Director
GW Power-Safe