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Shorten Admin Time With NICEIC Cert Software

Based in Nottingham, Greenwolf Electrical's team of highly trained technicians design, install and commission all types of electrical installation work. Keen on saving energy and being green, they have installed electric car charging points and are about to enter the solar PV world.

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As NICEIC Approved Contractors, Director Jon Gledhill first became aware of Clik through their partnership on the NICEIC’s website.

The transition from paper certificates to Clik’s NICEIC Cert Software felt “organic” for them.

“When we started Greenwolf, we needed efficient certification software”, explains Jon.

“We chose to use the NICEIC Certs Software because of Clik’s ties with the NICEIC, which ensures official certification.

“We feel that the NICEIC certificates used throughout Clik’s software give credibility and authenticity to our work.”

The Greenwolf team have taken advantage of the multi-platform options available, using Clik’s desktop NICEIC Cert Software in the office and its accompanying app Clik Elec Cert onsite.

“Clik’s software enables us to certify onsite, reducing office time, as well as cutting down on paper, ink and postage costs.

“We can upload certs to the server; then the office can download them to a laptop or PC to do the final completions and email to customers. All our certificates are now digitally dispatched to our customer, which reduces their bill as well as reducing our costs.”

Also, key to the appeal of the NICEIC Cert Software for Jon is the support his company receives from Clik.

“The support team are excellent. Any queries are answered straight away either over the phone or on the Clik website live chat which makes it easier than ever.

“The installation of the software was also very straight forward. A member of the Clik tech team took control of my laptop to do the installation, and we were up and running in no time.

“We used to use paper certificates, which was not only time-consuming but also a problem when trying to store records. Now we use the backup features in the NICEIC Cert Software to ensure we have records available on demand.

“From day one we have been happy. Without a doubt, the software has halved our office time.”

Jon Gledhill
Greenwolf Electrical